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Clincher (open) vs Closed tyres - resistance againts flats?(5 posts)

Clincher (open) vs Closed tyres - resistance againts flats?Kjull
Mar 28, 2003 1:49 AM

I read an interview with a USP-Team mechanic in a Norwegian bike mag that USP uses closed tyres instead of clincher due to better resistance towards flats. Is that really so?
I've always used clinchers so I have no experience.
Which type of tyres does the USP Team use then....?

Kjell Eirik
Norway - land of the Vikings and Thor "hammer" Hushovd
re: Clincher (open) vs Closed tyres - resistance againts flats?purplepaul
Mar 28, 2003 8:14 AM
Hi Kjell,

I don't know which tires the USPosties use but I believe the only inherent difference is that tubulars (closed) aren't subject to pinch flats - those caused when something is hit that causes the edge of the rim to puncture the tube.

There are very different grades of tubulars. The most puncture resistant are usually the most expensive because they have the most layers. Continental Comps are supposed to be especially puncture resistant and long lasting. Not sure how much they would cost in Norway, but in the UK they can be had for around US $40. Here in the US, they sell for $70 to $100 apiece, though an occasional discounter will sell them for $50.


P.S. I took a mail ship up the coast of Norway. Couldn't believe how beautiful your country is.
re: Clincher (open) vs Closed tyres - resistance againts flats?Alexx
Mar 28, 2003 9:23 AM
Tubulars are used by all the top teams, and have been since the very earliest days of cycling. Tubulars offer much greater range of pressures, from very low to very high, as well as offering superior pinch-flat protection. Tubulars also make the bike much more contollable in the event of a blowout. Since the riders are not the ones having to glue them on, and since they have an almost limitless supply of spares, I don't forsee this changing anytime soon.
"The great trail of stregth": I guess....Kjull
Mar 28, 2003 11:46 AM
....using tubulars for this yearly "Trondheim-Oslo 540km challenge" could be a good choice then? With fresh tires and all? Should be mostly on very decent (norwegian...) main roads. (I'll be a first timer there this summer if all goes well 'till then)

I hold a pair of Mavic Heliums, but is considering to buy a sligthly more aero and perhaps lighter wheelset (or at least a more aero front wheel). E.g. a set of Zipp 280s with Tune or American classics hubs and aero spokes.
Getting an unfortunate flat and loosing my groups beacause of that is my worst nightmare (up front at least... ;-)

Thanx for your views, 'purplepaul' and 'alexx'. Glad you liked our country!

Kjell Eirik

BTW, you can find more about the race at:
All the top teams use tubulars - not quiteKerry
Mar 29, 2003 7:41 AM
Something between 1/3 and 1/4 of the top teams use clinchers. Simple fact. Right now, the primary reason to use tubulars is that it is the only way to use the carbon rim lightweight aero wheels. Tubulars are more resistant to pinch flats, but then you don't have that problem with pro riders who almost all weigh less than 75 kg. Tubulars offer little advantage to "the rest of us" and most flats are caused by glass or stone shards anyway, where tubulars offer nothing over clinchers.