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giant tcr once team issue frameset or pinarello prince?(6 posts)

giant tcr once team issue frameset or pinarello prince?kenyonCycleist
Mar 27, 2003 7:59 PM
sometime in the future i wanna get a new bike. currently i riding a 2001 XL ev2 and all previousbike have been aluminum. i ride a 61 cm and am a pretty tall dude although kinda skinny like. Never ridden a carbon frame but it seems like a nice idea to dull vibrations. Given that i currently have hed semi-carbon alps and an alien aero seatpost on me XL EV2 would a carbon frame like the TCR team feel much different, or would the prince be the best compromise?
re: giant tcr once team issue frameset or pinarello prince?russw19
Mar 27, 2003 10:19 PM
Depending on how long you are willing to wait for your next frame... you may want to consider holding off on the Prince until the Dogma comes down in price and more readily available. I have been hearing amazing things about that frame. But it really needs a year of testing and fine tuning on the pro circuit. Otherwise, the Prince is very well reviewed and always rates high in tests. I am not saying anything bad about the Giant, but I have never seen a poor review on a Prince.

You are bound to get a bunch of opinions on this question and most people have their reasons for what they say.... mine is this, I ride a Pinarello Paris and I swear it's the greatest frame I have ever riden. Some day if you want I will post a listing of the 20 or so frames I am comparing that to. But I will be the first to admit that I have a slight Pinarello bias.

re: giant tcr once team issue frameset or pinarello prince?kenyonCycleist
Mar 27, 2003 11:24 PM
heh..understandable they purty frames with a kik..know anything about the opera? weight etc..any idea on what the lightest frame/fork combo is? me bro ( a cat. 5) has a 5900 110 trek while i ( cat. 3) race an XL EV2. how do the frames compare? how do the weights compare? we both ride 60/61cm sizes
I'm somewhat qualified to answer this5ive
Mar 28, 2003 6:21 PM
I've just sold my 2001 Prince and been on TCR carbon. for 3 months. They both had same components and wheels. I would say...

Comfort: slight edge to TCR carbon. I didn't how comfortable my Prince was until I tried TCR carbon.

Weight: TCR carbon handsdown. But I'm not sure how much the new Prince SL's weigh.

Handling: About the same. In my size (52cm Prince / Med. TCR) they are both quick steering.

Performance: I LOVED sprinting on Prince. I can't imagine anything stiffer or faster. TCR is a better climber but I'm sure it only has to do with its light weight. Also, I would say that carbon frames in general ride very differently from aluminum. Not better or worse. Just different. Some people love it. I personally wish they ride more like Alu.

So I would say it really depends on how you plan to ride/race. Also, pay attention to the geometry and test ride them if you could. Hope this helps.
I'm somewhat qualified to answer thiskenyonCycleist
Mar 28, 2003 8:59 PM
yea ..i was kinda leaning towards the tcr. I'm from Pittsburgh, PA and it is not unusual to have to contend with meteor sized pot-holes, rough pavement, and >25% gradient climbs in races although we have a pretty smooth crit track. my brother ride a 2002 5900 110..would a test ride on that give me a comparable idea of the carbon feel of the tcr?
5900 vs. TCR Carbon5ive
Mar 29, 2003 11:41 AM
I think they ride differently. Although I was not able to directly compare them (different wheels and tyres), I do have some time on 5900. To me, 5900 felt more comfortable. It also felt more stable. But I just didn't fit well on a Trek. Performance wise, I would say they are about equal. Both are very responsive frames. Hope this helps.