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new campy gear noise(6 posts)

new campy gear noisethe bull
Mar 27, 2003 5:54 PM
There is nothing rubbing and it sounds like a fighter jet off in the distance.Barley moving the barrel adjusters does nothing to quite it down. It shifts great.
Is this the "campy takes awhile to brake in"noise?
How long does it take to quite down?I guess they are not joking when they say shimano works perfect out of the box!
This stuff sure is more touchy - but I like it!
re: new campy gear noiseJuanmoretime
Mar 27, 2003 6:43 PM
When I set up my Chorus I found it to be noisy also and it did shift well. I was able to dial out the noise and found that campy will shift well even pretty far out of adjustment. Put it on the trainer, yes I know that sucks, and play with the adjustment from the cable stop. You should get it to run quite silent.
Got on the rollers and man!the bull
Mar 27, 2003 6:56 PM
You cant hear it at all - bike feels bigger with those spacious hoods!After spinning for a while I could not resist!Went out in the streets in the dark of night.Now I feel like Im in the cockpit of a fighter plane.I love the way it shifts-chunk chunk very solid cant wait till saturday morning,knowing my luck it will be pouring rain!
Switched chainsalansutton
Mar 28, 2003 11:32 AM
When with a Sram chain and it's much quiter. This is on my Campy 9sp cross bike. My 10sp is quiet and smoother than ever.
re: new campy gear noiserogue_CT1
Mar 28, 2003 12:00 PM
I use the Wipperman Connex chain on my Campy Record 10 speed and it is absolutely quiet. I can hardly hear it at all.
Have you cleaned and lubed the chain?Leroy
Mar 28, 2003 3:50 PM
That's a source of a lot of geartrain noise.