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Campy questions- dying? bottom bracket and brake pads(2 posts)

Campy questions- dying? bottom bracket and brake padsmunga22
Mar 27, 2003 3:55 PM
Two questions.
1) I'm getting a clicking sound coming from my bottom bracket (i think its my BB and not my pedal). Is it cooked? And how do I determine spindle length without taking the cranks off and measuring?

2) I've got '98 campy Mirage brakes and need new pads. Short of wheeling it into the shop, how can I find out which pads will fit?

The clickKerry
Mar 27, 2003 4:30 PM
If you look down this list, you'll see another discussion on BB clicking. At least 9 times out of 10, BB clicks are cured by cleaning the threads, greasing, and torquing to specification (70 nm). If, when you remove the cranks, the axle turns smoothly with your fingers without significant play, then the BB is fine. You should be removing, cleaning, regreasing the threads, and reassembling the BB every year to prevent corrosion from seizing it into the frame.

With a bit of tongue in cheek, Campy Mirage pads will fit your Campy Mirage brakes. If you want to use something else, just remove one brake pad assembly from the brake and take it to the shop. Unless you have an unusual shop, they will not likely stock the Campy part, but likely will have something that will fit. The risk is that after market pads will not work as well as Campy, but you can only find out from experience. You must do a lot of heavy braking or ride in the wet - my '98 Campy brake pads are no where near worn out after 42K miles.