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Drivetrain Drag problem(5 posts)

Drivetrain Drag problemkenyonCycleist
Mar 27, 2003 1:21 PM
When I riding and coast, the chain loses tension and drops below the chain stays but stays on the ring. scary though b/c it slaps into the spokes..eeek! also pedals rotate forward when the bike is pushed. Managed to isolate the prob. to the rear wheel (hed alps) but am baffled as to what it may be. Recently had a local mechanic change the bearings in the rear and when he popped out the hub to expose its innards he noticed two fork pronged sized parallel gouges on either side of the spring that works that pawl carriers. the gouges pushed out the spring but broke off where they were contacting the spring when i tapped em/ with a mini hex wrench so now nothing touches the spring but the prob. is still there also seems like one of the pawl carriers does not have the same tension as the others, but appears to be of the same proportions as the others. anything i or a local mech could do to fix it short of sending it back. i am racing now and dont wanna loose the wheel if i dont have to.
Has the freehub mechanism been cleaned & lubed?Kerry
Mar 27, 2003 5:32 PM
If it has, then it sounds like some sort of mechanical interference, like something's bent and touching or the hub seal is out of place. If something's bent/touching, then it's back to the factory for you. Other things should be fixable at home.
Has the freehub mechanism been cleaned & lubed?kenyonCycleist
Mar 27, 2003 5:50 PM
by freehub mech do u mean the pawl carriers. the dude cleaned and lubed them thoroughly or the the freehub mech something else? what i worry about is that when i took it in to be serviced ( new bearings ) the mechanic had to do an awful lotta hammering to replace the drive side bearing--is it possible he could have bent the axel or something? I trust the guy on his skills but this was the first time he worked on this type of wheel, also used a reg vice instead of a bearing press b/c they no have one. also, how could the hub seal be out of place, can it be to tight against the bearing. what do u think about those gouges--i 'm thinking defective since i ordered the set factory direct from head and never crashed on them
Back to the factoryKerry
Mar 29, 2003 7:23 AM
You didn't mention the wheel brand in the first post, but with cartridge bearings they are either not aligned or you have a mechanical problem. You'll be challenged getting the factory to warranty this now that your mechanic has had his way, but it sounds like your only option is to send them back. See my post below about the drawbacks of boutique wheels.
Mechanical interference sounds right...Quack
Mar 27, 2003 6:48 PM
I don't have knowledge of the internal workings of Alps wheels, but I'm guessing that the bearings allowing the freehub to spin freely are binding. I had a similar problem with an AC Ultralight rear hub and it ended up that a small spacing washer designed to hold the inner bearing race was missing and the outer race was actually rubbing on the hub body and binding. The problem will probably leap out at you if you tear the freehub body apart again.

Good luck!