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creaking BB(8 posts)

creaking BBFender
Mar 26, 2003 2:26 PM
My shimano ultegra BB (~2,000 miles on it) is creaking when I climb out of the saddle. I tightened it enough, but was careful not to damage any threads. Should I be using some kind of grease or plumbers tape?
re: creaking BBrussw19
Mar 26, 2003 4:01 PM
Creaks are hard to track down. Are you positive it's the BB? Check your crank bolts, your pedals, make sure it's not your bars as you are out of the saddle you are sure to put more pressure on them...

But to answer your last question, yes, you should grease the threads of your BB and your frame's BB shell when you put your BB in.

If it is the BBKerry
Mar 26, 2003 4:35 PM
Then the standard fix is to remove it, clean the threads and the threads in the frame, grease all threads, and install with torque to spec. (50 nm). However, it is fairly common to have the experience, but ticks and clicks are very hard to eliminate sometimes. What seems like it is tied to the pedals may be coming from the seat post, etc. Sometimes things like temperature and humidity can affect noises as well. To eliminate chain ring bolts as the problem, take them all out and grease the threads, the faces where they contact the CRs, and the CRs where they contact the crank spider arms. Clicks tied to your pedaling can come from the BB, the pedals (grease the threads, get some wax etc. on the cleats, grease the bolts into your shoes, squirt some lube into the guts of the pedal machinery if possible), the chain (clean and lube), your seat post and saddle (grease the post, seat post bolts, saddle rails), your bars and stem (grease the stem, stem bolt at both ends, h'bar bolt, and h'bar where it goes through the stem), and your wheels (check for spoke tension, particularly on the rear non drive side, put a drop of lube where each pair of spokes cross, grease/tighten QRs). Needless to say, you want to try these things in what seems like the most likely place the noise is coming from, but there are plenty of stories about "I was sure the noise was in the handlebars but it went away when I tightened up the spokes in the rear wheel," so keep trying different things until you have success.
Another Possibiltydaniell
Mar 26, 2003 4:41 PM
I was plauged with a terrible squeak that I assmued came from the bottom bracket. Nothing that I could do would quiet it. It turned out to be the interface between the pedals and the cleats. I oil the springs on the pedals, the squeak stops. The problem is I must oil it before every ride.

re: creaking BBrogue_CT1
Mar 26, 2003 7:40 PM
I had the same problem last week, I was sure it was my BB so I tried to tighten it down.

But, just for good measure, I took my chain ring bolts out to examine them. I found a crack just below the head in one of the alloy screws. Luckily my old bike has C-Record cranks with steel screws so I replaced all the alloy screws from my Record 10 speed with steel screws. The squeak is gone and I'm sure I prevented a costly mishap that would have occurred once that screw decided to let go. I can't imagine what that could have done to the carbon chainstay on my bike.
Isolate closer if possibleCalvin
Mar 27, 2003 5:10 AM
Noises in the drive train can be difficult to track down. Try to isolate the noise a bit closer to confirm the source. There are of course many source, but creaking is almost always from two things rubbing against each other. The cause is typically from things being loose. See
Only happens when out of the saddleFender
Mar 27, 2003 8:22 AM
The creaking only happens when I'm out of the saddle, specifically on the drive side. I'm going to take my bike out for a spin tonight and try to isolate the creak. BB/cranks are my first option, if not then I'll try the rear spokes.

Thanks for the advice!!!
Only happens when out of the saddlecycling6500
Mar 27, 2003 8:57 AM
Use a trainer if you have one to check BB/cranks. Don't forget to check the QR as suggested from the earlier post.