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I've read the reviews...(8 posts)

I've read the reviews...indymac
Mar 25, 2003 8:55 AM
and have come away less than satisfied...

I know it is a personal decision but I would like some input from riders on this board regarding saddles.

Each season I spend a fair bit of time on the bike...just not sustained periods of time actually on the saddle, as I mostly ride 'off road'. However, this year I decided to expand my horizons by getting a road bike.

Sunday, I spent an hour on the saddle before coming to the conclusion that the Avocet O2 Air 40R the bike came to me with, wasn't too least for me. As a result I have begun researching a possible replacement.

Any suggestions?

That said, is it possible the Avocet may get more comfortable with time?
re: I've read the reviews...Fez
Mar 25, 2003 10:04 AM
Of course, everyone is different and personal pref plays a huge part in this.

But to answer your question, I think it is possible.

I have ridden a few saddles over the years, including the Flite Ti Gel, the Era Ti, Era K Ti, and the SLR Ti.

Each of these were fine for me. Were they all comfortable from day 1? No. I had to tinker with the position ever so slightly and I found that soon I got used to each saddle. I don't think the saddle formed to me, but I do think I just got used to the saddle. The SLR probably took the longest to get used to at 10 rides or so. It wouldn't be my first choice for an all-day ride, but I think I would be fine on it.

That being said, I don't like changing saddles. Once you fing a good one, stick with it. But don't expect to make up you mind after one ride with it.
re: I've read the reviews...russw19
Mar 25, 2003 10:14 AM
This may not be much help, as I personally find that to the absolute most comfotable saddle on the market...but that's just me!

But, that saddle really doesn't have a break in period. It comes pretty well broken in straight outta the box. If yours is the current generation model. Look under the saddle, can you see what look to be cut outs in the underside shell? If so, it's current. The only thing that is gonna make it better is getting used to it. Like I said though, I love that saddle. I have a Flite and a Fizik Pave' sitting in a closet. I tried em both, and came back to the Avocet. If you want, I would trade you both for yours if yours is Ti railed.

Otherwise, on my mountain bike, I ride a Serfas DD Pro. It's got more gel and a very soft nose. I tend to ride more forward on the saddle on my mountain bike. You really just need to ignore reviews though, as they don't account for the individuality of saddles. Whether you are a guy or girl, the most fun parts of your body are in direct contact with your saddle. Pick the one you like and stick with it. I know riders who are trying everything they can to get their hands on the last remaining TurboMatic3's because they won't ride anything else. For me, on the road, its the same saddle you hate.

Sorry, that probably didn't help much at all, but you just need to find what works for you in particular.

re: I've read the reviews...t-bill
Mar 25, 2003 12:46 PM
All saddles take some getting used to - it's the break-in period. It's probably more your butt than the saddle that gets broken in. It doesn't sound like you've given it enough time. If you ride on the road infrequently it may never get to a "comfortable" point. That being said, there are two basic shapes to saddles - some have a more rounded top and some a flatter top. The current wisdom is that people who sit in one spot while riding should go with the curved top, and those who tend to move around a lot should go with the flat top. I don't think I move around much, but I feel more comfortable on a flatter saddle (S.I. Prolink). I have also heard good things about the Fizik Pave CP too. It has a little more padding than other race oriented saddles.

Just my 2 cents.

Good luck!
Mar 25, 2003 1:31 PM
Unfortunately, there's no simple way to find a comfortable saddle. You ought to try tinkering the Avocet, however, before getting rid of it. The Avocet O2 has a reputation for being very comfortable, but since yours is the racing version it might just be too narrow for you. Or it might be a simple matter of adjusting the tilt to make it comfortable, or getting used to it. If you are new to road riding, it also takes a certain amount of saddle time to get more comfortable. I'm assuming you wear good cycling shorts, but if not, that might make more of a difference than the saddle.

The way I finally found a comfortable saddle was to buy a bunch of used saddles on eBay, RBR and other online sources. That way, I didn't have too much invested if they didn't work out. Also, several companies offer 30-day return policies if the saddle doesn't fit -- notably Terry and Koobi. I finally settled on a Koobi Enduro/Silver (same saddle with different covers), which is relatively light, moderately priced and very comfortable for me. Koobi has a good chart describing their saddle widths, padding, etc. on their website (, which you can access through the RBR website. I ordered a Koobi because I figured I had nothing to lose with their return policy, and ended up ordering a second saddle from them. I also tried a Terry Fly but returned it. Still need to sell all the used saddles that didn't work for me -- Selle Italia Max Flite Gel, San Marco Regal, Brooks Swift, the list goes on...
Avocet O2 lover hereNessism
Mar 25, 2003 3:07 PM
I tried quite a few saddles before settling on the Avocet O2 Air 40R Ti rail version. The nose is narrower than most so as to not chafe the thighs. This saddle has undergone some changes over the years though, some good and some not to good in my opinion.

The current version has a depression in the center which, in my case, causes discomfort. I really like the older version without the depression - just can't get used to the new one. If anyone knows where I can purchase one of the older versions, please drop me a note.

Good luck with your saddle search.

Thanks all for the input...indymac
Mar 26, 2003 9:00 AM
I will not give up on the Avocet yet.

Although, I was out riding with the kids last night on my 'beater' bike and found a replacement option in an old Trek System 3 circa 1994. Surprisingly, I was wearing jeans and it didn't seem too bad.

I guess another option would be to switch the WTB SST98 on my MTB between the it and the roadie...

thanks again...
Thanks all for the input...koala
Mar 29, 2003 10:14 AM
I know I chiming in late but yesterday I had my first ride on my new Fizik Aliante. It is the best saddle I have been on bar none, and I have been on a few in my years of cycling. Absolutely no sitbone discomfort whereas my previos best flite saddle I always had some. For what its worth I have narrow sitbones(male) and and a bony posterior.