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New Ultegra STI vs Dura ace STI(4 posts)

New Ultegra STI vs Dura ace STIblw
Mar 24, 2003 11:53 PM
Does Dura ace still use ball bearings and Ultegra bushings? Or is the new Ultegra 6510 upgraded? My LBS told me that the new Ultegra would actually be more durable than the DA. Does that sound right from your experience? He said that at first the DA will feel crisper, but after a while it will feel no different from the newer version of Ultegra. Any experience or knowledge would be appreciated. thanks
Dura ace did feel crispy at first..the bull
Mar 25, 2003 4:32 AM
Then it seemed to loose performace.I have heard this is common with all shimmy-ono.I have now gone to Campy.
And while Record is expensive you can get Chourus for a good deal(650 for group) if you look around.Some will argue that its hard to find parts but you can order stuff overnight if you have too.Campy is also rebuildable
while shimano (sorry guys cant resist)is like, ya know
a BIC PEN-DISPOSABLE.But if you must stay with shimano I would go with the dura-ace.I can only guess your talking
about the rear derailleur and I never had problems with mine.
You can rebuild DA actually guysdeHonc
Mar 27, 2003 2:25 PM
Just for the record (no pun intended),

My LBS has rebuild kits for DA (and Ultegra) shifters - they cost much less than new shifters. Why don't you guys know this andjust why isn't that rebuildable?

Just a little sick of also hearing that Shimano can't be fixed when things stuff up which is bollocks.

re: New Ultegra STI vs Dura ace STIrussw19
Mar 25, 2003 9:19 AM
I know you should trust your LBS more than the opinions of anyone you have never met on a web board, but I think the idea of Ultegra being just as good or better than Dura-Ace is crap. I think I have said it before, and keep in mind it's just my opinion, but I think the only people would would try to tell you Ultegra is just as good have never riden Dura-Ace. I don't mean test rides either.
Is your LBS trying to unload an Ultegra equipped bike that is on their showroom floor rather than ordering you a Dura-Ace bike? Is there any reason what so ever for them to push you towards an Ultegra bike than a Dura-Ace bike. If so, then think of that as a possible reason they would tell you that. If this is not the case, maybe they don't think you really need D-A based on conversations and are honestly trying to save you some money. If so, that's a helluva cool shop.

I don't think everyone needs Dura-Ace, as it really is a racing specific group. But I think the idea that Ultegra is just as good is a load of crap. I have a Dura-Ace bike that is 1st generation 9 speed. It has over 30,000 miles on it, and it is just as smooth and crisp and nice as the day I got it. I crashed in a race and chipped the front cover plate on the shifter, but the shifter still functions like brand new. I think (and I admit this is pure speculation) that if I went down the same way on an Ultegra shifter, knowing what I know about them, I would have had to replace it, as it wouldn't have survived the crash. But does everyone need Dura-Ace, heck no! Ultegra is a fine group. I think it's even race-able. But D-A is a pro level group. Ultegra, while nice, is the top of the recreation tier.

I have 30,000 miles on a near 5 year old Dura-Ace group and it still rides like new. I just switched to Campy Record, and it's super duper nice. Sweetest thing I have ever riden.... but I need another 30,000 miles to see if it really is as good as my last group.

just opinions....