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Are all chorus 9 speed hubs 10 speed compatible?(6 posts)

Are all chorus 9 speed hubs 10 speed compatible?kilimanjaro
Mar 22, 2003 11:00 PM
The reason I ask is because I say a 9 spd chorus hub for sale on E-bay and the owner is not sure if it is a 97 or 98. I was not sure when Campy went from 8 to 9 speed, so wanted to make sure that the hub is not an 8 spd hub running 9 spd casettes.


Campy hubs 101DMoore
Mar 23, 2003 4:05 PM
Campy 9 or 10 speed cassettes won't fit on a Campy 8 speed hub. When Campy went from 8 to 9 speed they lengthened (widened?) the hub body. As a result, 9 and 10 speed fit interchangeably on the 9/10 speed longer/wider hub body. If the seller has a Campy 9 speed cassette on the hub, a Campy 10 speed cassette will fit.

Shimano seems to be about to face the same problem. Their original DA freehub body was designed for 8 cogs. When they went to 9 speed, they managed to still fit them on. But now they're out of space, and word is that the new DA 10 speed system won't fit on the older hubs.
One more tidbitDMoore
Mar 23, 2003 4:07 PM
All Campy models (Record/Chorus/Daytona/Mirage/whatever) use the same cassette dimensions, so they are all fully interchangeable. Chorus cogs fit on Record hubs, Record cogs fit on Chorus hubs, etc etc.
Difference between Campy 8 and 9/10 (not that it matters)TJeanloz
Mar 24, 2003 8:53 AM
The Campy 8 freehub body is not only too short to carry 9 or 10 cogs, it also has an entirely different spline pattern. Even if the 8 speed freehub was long enough, trying to put 9/10 cogs on would be like trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

The good news, for those who still have Campy8, is that almost all Campy8 freehubs can be replaced with 9/10 freehubs relatively affordably.
Difference between Campy 8 and 9/10 (not that it matters)Fred the Cross Poser
Mar 25, 2003 9:37 AM
Not so fast:

You can take an 8 speed cassette, respace it with a Wheels Manufacturing spacer kit, add a ninth cog, and it will fit on an 8 speed hub. You can tell those cassettes because they have the distinctive green spacers.

You can also then take that pseudo "9 speed" cassette and mount it on a 9/10 speed hub. Up until this year, this is how I have been running my Bianchi Eros. However, most of the new hubs are soft aluminum and the individual cogs can notch them pretty severely.

Tjeanloz may have it backwards, I can't quite remember - 9 speed cogs have a different cut pattern than 8 speed and won't fit on an 8 speed hub. But 8 speed cogs definitely fit on a 9 speed hub.

Read more about it at

I hope this helps!
I believe you are correct (nm)TJeanloz
Mar 25, 2003 1:03 PM