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Problem with Dura Ace 9sp Triple(7 posts)

Problem with Dura Ace 9sp Triplebryin
Mar 22, 2003 9:19 PM
I have a brand new (less than 300mi) Trek 5200 bulit up with a brand new DA 9sp Triple- all parts are Dura Ace and are new, I am using a 53/39/30 chain ring set up and a 11-23 cassette. The problem I have is that the chain angle causes noise in several gear combinations- middle ring and either the 21 or 23 cog in the rear and the small ring and the 21 or 23 cog. I know of no way to adjust the chain line and to my knowledge Shimano only offer 2 sizes of bottom bracket spindle for either double or triple ring set ups. I have checked the derailuer hanger, crank tightness and seating, B tension ect ect... A local shop that is really good also looked at it and did not know what to do. It does not seem that this should be a problem esp the little ring combos. If you can help please let me know!!! Thanks!
re: Problem with Dura Ace 9sp TripleJRF
Mar 23, 2003 5:16 AM
I had a similiar problem with 105 series on a Klien Quantum. I messed with it a long time before I got it adjusted. A couple of things to consider (only because it fooled me) When shifting down on the crank rings it is one click to middle and TWO clicks to bottom, then I adjusted the High and low screws to alow the derailluer to just bearly clear the chain.
The other part of this as I up shifted on the cassette I would have to "trim" lightly move the front derailleur to compensate. Now I have smooth noise free operation. Hope this helps.
re: Problem with Dura Ace 9sp TripleRusty Coggs
Mar 23, 2003 5:36 AM
If you have derailer rub(assuming that is your noise) on the inner cage when you are in the small ring,big cog,then the derailer was not set up properly, as there should be .5-1mm clearance between cage and chain on intiial setup.There may also be trip positions in the shifter for some rings that you should be familiar withthat will also eleminate derailer rub.Any shop that knows what they ae doing should be able to make it right. also has the drill on derailer setup and adjustment.
re: Problem with Dura Ace 9sp Tripleeflayer2
Mar 23, 2003 8:26 AM
I have spoken to Shimano tech support and they consider middle ring/large sprocket combos to be "crossed" and don't recommend using those combos. I have da triple and, with trimming, can get all combos in all rings with no rub. That said, chain line is a little severe-looking in some combos. You can try an xtr 952 bb available in 116mm, and adjustable to some degree, with included spacers. The xtr will bring the rings inward a couple of mm's. I have corresponded with another Trekie who said the xtr was the solution to his da triple troubles.
re: Problem with Dura Ace 9sp Triplebryin
Mar 23, 2003 5:26 PM
Thanks! That is a good solution, all others just wanted to talk about der rub- I should have made it more clear. The XTR BB solution is unique and I will try it. Good riding- Bryin if you want to find out what happens.
Double check your chain lineKerry
Mar 23, 2003 6:52 PM
Be sure that the middle chain ring is dead center on the middle cog. If the ring is displaced to the right, that would explain your noises. Then the XTR might be your solution. If your chain line is right, you could consider adding a link to the chain if you can. If your chain line is right and you move it to the left, then you'll lose access to more smaller cogs from the smaller rings.
My LBS recommends replacing w DoubleMaartin
Mar 24, 2003 6:40 AM
Honestly I have a 2000 Trek 5200 and was never able to get the original triple working right for long. You need to constantly tweek it. Something about the Treks geometry or set up does not work with the Triple setup. The LBS pushes the double for that reason.