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Time MTBs on a road bike(12 posts)

Time MTBs on a road bikeditchbanger
Mar 22, 2003 8:39 PM
Hi guys I just bought Trek 2300 and was wondering about pedals. I have a extra set of Time carbon MTB's that I like for their easy in/out and because I an clip in on either side. What differences do a road pedal like speedplay X/2 offer? Weight? I really don't have a clue since this is my first nice roadbike. Thanks, Steve
re: Time MTBs on a road bikeTrent in WA
Mar 22, 2003 9:16 PM
I used to use Looks before I switched over to ATACs for all of my riding. The differences I found were minimal: the Looks gave me more of a solidly clipped-in feeling, but I don't think it made any difference in terms of power transfer, and the gains in ease of clipping in and out and walkability made the switch a no-brainer.

A lot depends on the sort of riding you do. If you're racing or doing long group rides where you might clip in at the beginning of the ride and then clip out an hour later, you might prefer dedicated road pedals. If you're touring or doing much urban riding, where you're clipping in and out constantly and / or doing a fair bit of walking, the ATACs would be my pick. As another data point, a definite majority of randonneurs here in the Seattle club use MTB pedals of some flavor for rides of up to 1200 km (770 miles) in length.

re: Time MTBs on a road bikeditchbanger
Mar 23, 2003 6:30 AM
Thanks Trent, I bought this bike to train for MTB riding. I plan on putting on 100-150 miles a week on this bike. Mix of city and country riding by myself or with family. I guess you could say I am a newbie to road riding, I have a old peugeot but was never serious with it.

So the only difference between a dedicated road pedal and the ATAC's is the size of the clips? And not being able to walk on them very well? The ATAC's have always worked flawlessly for me in the past. Funny they aren't considered for road bikes more?
re: Time MTBs on a road bikeAmbishawn
Mar 23, 2003 7:22 AM
I've got ATAC carbons on My Mtn bike and Speedplay X2's on my road bike. The ATAC's and the Specialized MTN shoes can be walked in with out trouble. The ATAC's also are easier to get in and out of as well but the X2's and the Sidi road shoes have a signifacntly more positive conncetion to the bike and IMHO are a much better roadbike setup. You also have really good pedaling clearence with the X2's vs. ATAC when cornering.

I suppose that using the same pedals offers a savings of atleast $300 in shoes and pedals and Times are great pedals but I find the X2's and Sidis worth the money.
re: Time MTBs on a road bikeditchbanger
Mar 23, 2003 7:42 AM
My wife bought me a pair of specialized road bike shoes for Christmas. They are stiff so I doubt any energy is wasted.

After looking at the pics of road pedals I can see where a little cornering clearance would be realized and they do weigh less. I have a open mind on this and if a speedplay X/2 setup is a upgrade I'd go that route.
If you got road shoes go for it.Ambishawn
Mar 23, 2003 10:17 AM
I like the X2's so much I almost want to try them on My MTB. That little lolipop pedal is a small target to have to deal with on an MTB though. Like the times they offer a lot of float. You will notice that your foot wont have the side to side play like on the Times. The round pedal fits in a Big cleat and piviots inside. They clipin easy but like I said you have a smaller target. The cleat design spreads the pedaling force over a large area so you get a good soild push to the crank despite the small size. They are the best pedals I'd ever had. The ATAC Carbons are My 2nd favorite.
Thanks Guys: NMditchbanger
Mar 23, 2003 10:53 AM
Well, if you've already got the road shoes...Trent in WA
Mar 23, 2003 11:42 AM
... I'd say, go for the road pedals. You won't be able to walk in the ATAC cleat anyway. But if you're used to ATAC mtb pedals, why not at least consider some Time road pedals to complement them? I started out with some of the old-style Time road pedals. They were wretched to clip into, and were only marginally walkable, but superb when riding. I think Time's new Impact design is supposed to resolve some of those usability issues, plus they're now compatible with the road-standard Look three-bolt pattern. Given that you're going to be using ATACs for mtb riding, I'd be hesitant to use the Speedplays for the road: the float is just so radically different. I could be wrong, though.

It's not about the bike; it's the shoesteamsloppy
Mar 23, 2003 12:05 PM
You can use ATACS on a road bike. They screw in just fine. I use the Time 'Cyclo', a one sided version of the ATAC designed for cylco cross, touring, on all my road bikes and use SPD cleat on MTB shoes and one set of Road Shoes.

Using the ATAC or Cyclo with a road shoe often requires a 'pontoon' on either side of the spd cleat. A MTB shoe has deep lugs in the sole that provide the offset that the pontoon provides.

My Northwave road shoes describe the requirement for this pontoon in their SPD adapter plate instructions; but don't provide it. I tried mounting the SPD cleat to the Northwave road shoe without the pontoon and found it difficult to clip in and almost impossible to clip out. I had to get a Performance Bike cleat, that came with the pontoon, throwaway that cleat, then mount the pontoon with my SPD cleats. Kind of hokey.

If you are planning to use an SPD cleat with ATACs or Cylcos with a Road Shoe, you probably need to add a Pontoon to provide the offset that the MTB shoe normally provides.

P.S. - I use the ATAC on my Road and MTB bikes. It's great to put on any shoe and be able to clip into any bike.
It's not about the bike; it's the shoesditchbanger
Mar 23, 2003 4:55 PM
In a way I agree. Stiff road shoe when I want to go out by myself and mash away. Use my lakes when the Wife and my 2 girls are out for a ride and we stop somewhere, on either bike. And then I have my answers for when I am out on the MTB trails with my buds.

I wanted to transplant the cleat from the lakes but the screws stripped on one of the shoe. The other screwed right onto the road shoe. What was the problem the shoe too close to the crank? Alot of times on mtb shoes I have had to grind away at the sole so the cleat can catch the bars, can't figure what the pontoon is needed for. There is alot of room to clip into the ATAC. Thanks for all the help....
I use them on one of my bikespmf1
Mar 25, 2003 8:14 AM
I have a set of the cheapo aluminium ones on my Litespeed Ultimate (commuting bike). For long rides, I prefer the bigger platform of Time road pedals. But for commutes and touring, you can't beat a mtn bike pedal for ease of walking around in. Look and Time cleats (at least the older Time cleats) are a real pain to walk in. Plus, you won't have to buy another pair of shoes.

Downsides -- they don't look as cool, they weigh a bit more and the platform is smaller (although if you're considering Speedplay, you must not care about that).
Thanks All!!!ditchbanger
Mar 25, 2003 8:04 PM
I really do appreciate all the help. I ended up buying a pair of the new shimano ultegra SPD-SL PD-R600. The shop I bought them at have sold a few pairs and the feedback to them has been very positive. They had the speedplays but the weight was the same. Along with the larger platform of shimanos and the salesguy said he has the X2's and has never gotten used to the float in them. Can't wait to get some miles on them. Thanks for helping a newbie.......