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Cinelli Gel Tape review(3 posts)

Cinelli Gel Tape reviewMGS
Mar 22, 2003 4:28 PM
I just installed and took a ride with the new Cinelli Gel tape. I know some people have been asking for feedback,so here is my opinion.

As a preface, I have always used Cinelli cork ribbon, so my opinions are based on the cork ribbon as a standard.

The tape does not have a sticky tape, unlike the cork ribbon, there is simply a layer of blue/green gel under the central aspect of the gel tape, where the sticky tape is on the cork ribbon. This gel layer acts like a somewhat sticky substance, which keeps the bar tape in place, but does not stick like glue.

The Cinelli gel has a somewhat smoother feel, but looks just like Cinelli cork, and has the Cinelli logo embossed on the tape.

It applies easier than the cork, and is less prone to tearing. The wrap around the levers is much easier since it has a bit of stretch and give.

Since it doesn't stick by adhesive to the bars, if you make a mistake, it is simple to unwrap and rewrap the bar.

The gel tape is about 1-2 mm thicker in the middle. There is plenty of tape to overlap the wrap and have more than enough to finish each side.

It feels, in my opinion, more cushioned and has a nice give when riding the drops or hoods.

It appears to have enough substance to wear as well as the cork ribbon.

If you are changing your bar tape, and have an option to buy it, I would recommend it. It certainly is worth the extra eight dollars per box compared to Cinelli cork.
Mar 22, 2003 4:45 PM
I was thinking of trying this stuff. I use nothing but Cinelli Cork Ribbon tape or Colnago cork tape (same tape). It is a pain to get all the sticky adhesive off of the bars. I shall try the gel tape next time sounds like good stuff..
re: Cinelli Gel Tape reviewmetricEee
Mar 23, 2003 9:49 PM
I too have recently added the gel tape to my bars. I agree that it is much easier to apply than regular cinelli cork. I have mixed emotions on the ride of it though. At times it feels almost too spongey. On big hits (the roads here are terrible) I feel almost like I am compressing the tape and hitting the bare bar. I do think it helps with high frequency vibrations however. I'm contemplating puting a layer of gel tape over a layer of the old cork, but I think that might be a little over kill.