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Back to steel and my first Campy bike, the first ride.(3 posts)

Back to steel and my first Campy bike, the first ride.Juanmoretime
Mar 22, 2003 2:36 PM
I've posted the picture again and was ask to post my thouhgts about my first ride.

The first ride was kind of a final adjustment ride dialing everything in, stopping every couple of miles to fine tune the build.

So here are my thoughts and I will be comparing this to my Vortex which is full Dura Ace, Reynolds Ouzo Pro Fork, Alien ti post, Selle SLR and Velomax Curcuit comps.

The ride of the Schwinn 853 frame is great, the ability of the frame and fork to absorb shock is better than my Vortex. The steering was very precise and the bike corners very well. The Chorus hubs are somewhat loud when freewheeling, although not enough to be be bothersome. I've heard some people comment on Campy have more mechanical noise and found this not to be true if you spend a lot of time dialing in your derailluers. The shifting was very precise and crisp, much more positive than the Dura Ace. I'm totally blown away at how smooth front derailluer shifts back and forth from the small chainring to the large, it shifts silently and I really don't notice the actual shift. The chain runs very quietly as well. I think the brakes also are a notch up from my Dura Ace's. I never thought anything would work better than Dura Ace and I was wrong.

To sum my ride up, I love the new bike. It's handling and ride are very close to the Vortex in many ways. The Vortex is still stiffer and quicker in a sprint, although the ride is stiff although not as stiff as some of the Klein's I have owned. I'm not selling the Vortex, although to make it a better bike than the Schwinn, I'm going to have to sell my Dura Ace components and go Campy on the Vortex. I guess I now have a race bike and a century bike. It's going to be a tough choice on which to ride afer I get the Vortex converted.

I never thought it would happen to me, I guess I'm now a Campyphile.
re: Back to steel and my first Campy bike, the first ride.bryin
Mar 22, 2003 9:28 PM
Before you sell the DA stuff and buy more Campy ride the Campy parts for a while. After you use and clean the chain a few times you will likely notice a decrease in shifting performance. The chain is packed in grease and after it wears out the shifting will suck. I have chorus 10 spd. The shifting is great at first so enjoy it. It will get harder to dail in the shifting as time goes on. Take the chain apart (need that special tool), I have broken a Campy 10sp chain and have NEVER broken a DA cahin. And last but not least the Gsprings in the levers will wear out, if you can rebuld the levers good on you... I will continue to use DA.
Oooooooh look out a Campy-Shimano War is gonna eruptAmbishawn
Mar 23, 2003 11:36 AM
Just kidding, D/A is a great grouppo so is Chorus though. I also ride a steel bike with Chorus and love it. I aggree with Bryin that I'd keep the other group to make a long term compairison of the two. I personally like the controls of the campy stuff better. The hoods feel better in my hands and I like the ability to run a 29tooth rear sproket.
The tuning has a lot to do with shifting and will affect either group.