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I just got a saddle from JENSONUSA and.....(6 posts)

I just got a saddle from JENSONUSA and.....Gall
Mar 22, 2003 1:37 PM

I ordered a SLR saddle from Jensonusa. When I ordered it i asked if it was new in the box and they said yes.

When it came today the saddle was in a Fedex box. I opened it up and found the saddle wrapped in paper and plastic.

Is this how they always come from Jenson? Did I get a factory reject? Where is my box?

Thanks for your feedback!

re: I just got a saddle from JENSONUSA and.....Rusty Coggs
Mar 22, 2003 1:58 PM
It may be 'new' but also manufactures overstock or takeoof,part of the reason for the good price.
It's new to you, and it came in a box....russw19
Mar 23, 2003 2:18 PM
just having a little fun with this one....

On a serious note, that's a problem with mail order. You don't see the merch in your hand before you pay for it. At the LBS, you can inspect it all first, but you pay less thru mail order... just a matter of where your priorities are. Cheaper, or seeing first hand... in this economy, I vote cheaper.

re: I just got a saddle from JENSONUSA and.....desmo
Mar 23, 2003 7:49 PM
I'd still buy "take-offs" at a discount but I wish these guys would tell you up front what you're getting. Got a great price on some Campy Record stuff from Glory Cycles, but no boxes, no instruction sheets, packed like crap, and a brake stud had a flat thread. You get what you pay for.
Probably OEM...TJeanloz
Mar 24, 2003 8:30 AM
When bicycle manufacturers buy parts from Campy, Shimano or anybody else to put on their bikes, they don't come in the fancy boxes you see at the bike shop. Typically each part is wrapped in either a plastic baggie or newsprint-style paper, typically with no instructions or other information. It isn't glamorous. For obvious reasons, it is cheaper to buy parts this way (packaging ain't cheap), and a lot of lower-end mail order houses have taken to selling these OEM parts directly to consumers.
on the other hand...reklar
Mar 27, 2003 3:32 AM
I've had good luck with both pricepoint and jenson giving full boxes complete with instructions for MTB parts. Saddles seem to fall into a different category--instructions not needed. Same with most seatposts (except for thomson!)...