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Topolino Wheelset, any feedback?(6 posts)

Topolino Wheelset, any feedback?Giant Joe
Mar 21, 2003 4:18 PM
Is anybody using these on their bike?

I was going to get A set when they first came out about last year ago I believe.But the local Shop(SF bay area) I was going buy them through burnned A bridge with me,so I cancel my order.
I just purchase A set this week because they were offer to me At below their retail price,should have them in about 3 weeks.From online bike shop.
Not too many reviews or feedback out there yet,and nothing negative said about their performance.
Only problem I see is If you break A spoke you have to replace the whole side of kevar spokes setup on wheel.
re: Topolino Wheelset, any feedback?Mister X
Mar 21, 2003 8:00 PM
Overpriced, and not worth the money being asked for, even at dealer cost. Despite the company's claims, they are not the lightest clincher wheels available. The hubs are cheap looking in appearance, and the spokes have excess 'fuzz' along their length... perhaps Topolino should supply the wheels with a razor? These wheels offer no advantage over competing lightweight clincher wheelsets. Competing wheelsets offer user replaceable spokes in the event of breakage. Paying at least $70 for a side of spokes on a Topolino wheel is excessive.
re: Topolino Wheelset, any feedback?Giant Joe
Mar 23, 2003 7:24 PM
Mister X , I take that as A Na from you.And I take It you don't like the looks of them,no problem I respect that view(they are different for sure.
Overpriced ,cost about the same as most wheelset of this type.Less then some more the Alot of sets.I beileve they are unproven though,but they have some pros racing on them now so the info about quality(good or bad) should become available.The spokes concern me too,something to watch.

They are not lightest clicher is true.Maybe they should change It to lightest Clicher with no rider weight limit or just X It out completly.
As the other wheels that are lighter.
a-Rolf Elan(suggest as A "race day only" wheel when they come out)
b- American Classic 350(has A weight limit at 185lb.)
c-You can also build A set lighter set with the right spoke count,rims and hubs,but will they hold up to 200lb + riders?Anybody have any suggestions?

Topolino has no rider weight limit.That is why Im looking at them.I Have A habit of breaking spokes and rims going south just from ridding road.Have only found one set of wheels that I have no problems with being either prebuilt or custom built.
So topolino might hold up better for A bigger rider then A custom built set at the same weight(1400g)might be the A plus.Because Topolinos will cost more for sure.
Also interested In custom built wheelset(non-deep,like 20mm) for 220lb. ridder.
I'm looking at Velocity aerohead rims,sapim spokes(28,32 spoke) and either white or tune hubs.any comments?That will only need to be maintain about every 3000-5000 miles.
SpeedDream wheelsirregardless
Mar 24, 2003 12:08 PM
Get in touch with Dave and and see what he can do for you. The cost for his lighweight clinchers is about $550 delivered.
I have white/sapim/aerohead 32/28........DaveLobster
Mar 25, 2003 9:04 AM
What do you need to know? Mine weigh in at 661/854, or 1515g a set. Cost about $400, but I built them myself. For a 220 lb guy, I think that maybe stronger rims would be prudent, as well as going 32/36.

If you decide to go with hand-built wheels (which is really the way to go IMHO), I would suggest you contact Mike at -Dave
I have white/sapim/aerohead 32/28........Giant Joe
Mar 25, 2003 9:31 PM
Talk to Mike at Oddsandendos today and order A set of wheels Interloc rims w/AC hubs,for a climbing set.Good deal and was pleasant purchase.
I never did ask him about White Ind. hubs!Im getting old!
How many miles you got on the hubs any problems?I heard that Speeddreams might be using white hubs now.I still might get another set down the road for my CX/road bike too.