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Help, Rusted Threadless Headset cups stuck in Trek 5200(4 posts)

Help, Rusted Threadless Headset cups stuck in Trek 5200Maartin
Mar 20, 2003 6:11 AM
In the course of rebulding my 2000 Trek 5200 (this is my first time really working on a bike and what great fun it is) I took my fork off and checked my Cane Creek 1" headset. Well it is completely rusted out, just like my bottom bracket was. Now I know why I could not ride hands free anymore. I commute rain or shine which means alot of rain days and even some road salt. Toweling off does not seem to help much. Anyway, based on the advice from this board I want to install a Chris King Headset. The problem is that the Cane Creek top and bottom cups will not come off my frame. They are stuck so I am wondering what I should try next. I do not want to damage my frame. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
re: Help, Rusted Threadless Headset cups stuck in Trek 5200Rusty Coggs
Mar 20, 2003 7:14 AM
If you haven't done this before,I,m not going to tell you about improvising tools,and wailing on it to get them out.A good shot of penetating oil or wd-40 often helps.Check for approved tools and procedure.Sometimes the LBS is the better bet.
Shade tree methodologyKerry
Mar 20, 2003 5:56 PM
You take a large, flat blade screwdriver and use it as a punch to remove the cups. Place the blade against the rim of the cup inside the head tube, whack with a hammer, move a little bit, whack again, and keep whacking all the way around, and harder and harder, until things come loose. Same technique for removing crown race. Brace the frame well so that you're not putting the hammer forces into a small area. Example would be resting the frame tube (top or down tube) on a saw horse. If all this scares you, take it to the LBS.
per suggestions I made both tools for the Headset changeMaartin
Mar 21, 2003 6:17 AM
Thanks for the advice from both responces. After going to the Park Tool site I made a punch out of a little piece of hardwood which sat on both edges of the cup and I gently hammered it out. To install the new headset I got a piece of threaded rod, two big washers and nuts and made a simple press. Worked beautifully.

The Chris King headset is really well made and smooth as "Butta" as a reviewer said. I added a Lizard Skin cover as a wet weather precaution.