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HED3 front wheel vibration(3 posts)

HED3 front wheel vibrationnoly
Mar 18, 2003 6:46 PM
A couple of months ago I raced in a half Ironman. The roads were a little rough and there were a few hills. As I descended and came into a corner at approx 65kmph I braked (probably hitting front too hard) and the next thing the front wheel (which is a HED 3 clincher) started vibrating throwing the bike (trek 5220) also into a huge vibration. As you could imagine it nearly threw me over the handle bars and it took me approx 150m to get the bike to normal. I nearly came off and nearly shat my dacks and watched the front wheel for the next 10km or so to see if the wheel was going to fall to pieces. I weigh approx 75kg so I dont think this was a problem. I finished the race and qualified for the Australian Ironman which is great. I purchased the wheels approx 18months ago while in America because it was way cheaper than Australia so I cant take them back. I have used the wheel approx only 15-20 races and was very impressed with how fast they are. I have since bought a Zipp 909 and in my opinion it is no where near as fast as the HED3. I have contacted Hed and explained everything and the guy just keeps asking for a model number which is not on the wheel anywhere (even on the rim under the tyres). He will now not return my emails ( not impressed with the sevice). I am not looking for my money back I just want to know is the the wheel safe ? Is this a common problem? The wheel has since seemed to have lost its stability and when I stand up to go up a hill you can see the wheel bend from side to side hitting the brake calipers. I would love to use it in the Ironman but am a little worried . Has anyone had or heard of anyone who has had the same trouble? Any feed back would be great.
re: HED3 front wheel vibrationschills
Mar 18, 2003 10:12 PM
Sounds like the rim may have delaminated from the wheel. I've heard of this happening on ZIPPS but not on HEDs. I also ride the HED3.

HED should help out, but the rep is probably trying to determine if the wheel came from them(US) or UK(subsidiary or partner perhaps), or something like that. Call the place from where you bought it. They should be able to help.
re: HED3 front wheel vibrationbrider
Mar 19, 2003 8:31 AM
I had a violent shimmy problem on a Specialized Tri-Spoke (before Hed bought the design). The problem for me wasn't the wheel, it was the fork. Here's the story:

First TT on a new TiCycles Softride. When I had the bike built, I opted for the Trek carbon fork (this was some time ago, so I'm sure the roblems are fixed by now -- this was one of the first generation Trek carbons) for the least weight. Well, the fork was pretty soft. Every time I got over 30 mph, the front wheel went into a violent shimmy -- similar to speed wobbles, wheel shaking back and forth, but the handlebars were steady. No amount of weighting or unweighting helped, nor did clamping the "top tube" (or beam in my case). Unnerving to say the least. Within a week, I swapped for a Kestrel EMS fork. Never had the problem again.

Don't know if your problem is similar. I'd think by now most any fork would be stiff enough. But it might not be the wheel.