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Cane Creek headset and sand...(7 posts)

Cane Creek headset and sand...Matno
Mar 17, 2003 2:40 PM
I went on my first ride of the year today (and my first on my new CAAD4! :^). It was beautiful weather (67 deg here in NYC). At any rate, though the streets are mostly dry now, there were still a few residual wet spots where the last of the snow is melting off. I rode through quite a bit of sand and road grit (as usual) and a lot of it got up around the lower part of my Cane Creek C2 headset. (There's not a lot clearance for the 28mm Conti tire I have on there). Now there seems to be a bit of a gritty feel when I turn the headset.

Is there any way to clean that out or am I hosed?

I think these are supposed to be "sealed" bearings, but I think that I could probably flush out the bearings and regrease them (with considerable effort). I'm thinking that after this, I'll be putting a Lizard Skins headset protector down there like I have on my mountain bike!
wear it out then put a king in there!then forgetaboudit!the bull
Mar 17, 2003 4:59 PM
re: Cane Creek headset and sand...Nessism
Mar 17, 2003 6:45 PM
On my Cane Creek headset, there is a gap between the fork crown race and the lower bearing. Dirt/sand can get into this gap and cause some grinding. The actual bearing is still sealed so the grit doesn't do all that much damage.

You could drop the fork and clean, or try to brush out the grit with a tooth brush or similar. I don't think it's a major problem but it sure can be anoying.

I think you're right.Matno
Mar 17, 2003 7:25 PM
That's exactly what it is. On closer inspection, it seems to be coming right out. I'll probably break it down and clean it anyway (but I won't bother with the bearings). I'm still going to get a Lizard Skin protector though! (Heck, they only cost $2).
Cleaning the cartridges is fairly simple...Quack
Mar 17, 2003 7:33 PM
Pop out the bottom cartridge bearing to start with. From there, use a pick to remove the seal from the bearing. Be as gentle as possible. If I remember right, the seal is made of plastic. Once it is removed, the bearings should fall right out. Clean them out, pack with new grease and reassemble. When you put the headset back together, install a LizardSkins headset seal around the bottom cup. The sealing of the C2 can not stand up to rain rides. The headset is good for the money, but needs extra protection.

Good luck!

re: Cane Creek headset and sand...hammeringman
Mar 18, 2003 3:52 PM
Get rid of that piece of crap and get a Chris King. You'll never regret it.

ride on,
Someday I will...Matno
Mar 18, 2003 5:36 PM
For now, I'm not overly concerned. I think this headset will more than outlast its purpose. I've got an even crappier headset on my full suspension mountain bike that I've beaten the heck out of for 3 years now. It cost me $15 new and still works perfectly.

Chris King would be nice though. If only I could get a deal like I found for my bro-in-law a few weeks ago. He was looking for a hardtail MTB frame so I found him exactly what he wanted (an Infusion MXC pro that was like-new) that came with a nice seatpost and a Chris King Headset. Price? $80. Sometimes you get lucky.

I'm not really complaining since I just got a CAAD4 frame and fork (basically unridden, sweet paint job - I'll post pics soon), C2 headset, 105 cranks/BB (used), 105 brakes (used), ITM Stem (perfect) and Bebop stainless steel pedals (in excellent condition) for a grand total of $250. I am definitely happy. (Well, at first I wasn't, because the fork's steerer was bent, but I took care of that and it's perfect now).

The guy offered to throw in the pedals after the auction ended, which made my day. I must say these Bebop pedals are the shiz! Under 200g for the set (260g with cleats) and the smoothest in and out action I've ever experienced. I seriously can't imagine that any other pedals could be significantly better than these...