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q re shifter adjustments on downtube(2 posts)

q re shifter adjustments on downtubewolfereeno
Mar 15, 2003 3:27 PM
Pardon my ignorance. I've got ultegra shifters. What are the two barrel adjustments on the downtube and how/when are them mean to be used?

Sometimes my front der just won't shift back into the big ring. It's just a tiny bit too loose to shift. Is this a moment to use these adjusters?

re: q re shifter adjustments on downtuberussw19
Mar 15, 2003 3:46 PM
Yep. Make sure the derailleur is adjusted for the proper throw first.. as in it won't throw the chain over the big ring and towards your pedals, or into the frame when you go to the smaller ring. That is what the two set screws on your derailleur are for. After that, if your cable tension is too loose, like your cable stretched after your first 30 or so miles, just turn the barrel adjuster out from your frame and that will tighten the cable tension. It should fix your shifting. But if you turn in more than 3 full turns and it doesn't help, you should take it into the shop to get it adjusted right. Those are only there for fine tuning. If a couple turns isn't enough, you need to loosed the cable fixing bolt at the derailleur and pull it hand tight. Then fine tune with the barrel adjusters to get it exact.