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Serfas Terazzo(6 posts)

Serfas TerazzoMatno
Mar 14, 2003 7:54 PM
Anyone tried one of these saddles? I rode the DD Vado and it was okay, but the Terazzo's shape looks like it would fit me better (if you can tell such things just by looking!) I'm currently riding a Koobi Xenon, which is marginal. I'm not totally enamored with either the wide flat shape or the slight sag in the middle. All the LBS's seems to have some Serfas saddles in stock, but nobody seems to have actually tried them! Feedback please!

(There's no spot in the reviews for any Serfas saddles. What's up with that?)
re: Serfas Terazzorussw19
Mar 14, 2003 8:52 PM
I tried the Terazzo on my mountain bike, I also tried the DD Pro as well. I kept the DD Pro. I liked the soft nose, as I ride on that part of my mountain saddle but not any of my road saddles.

Just ask your LBS if you can ride it for a day. If you don't crash it and don't like it, ask if they will take it back. As long as it still looks new, every shop I have ever worked at would take it back.

re: Serfas DD ProMatno
Mar 15, 2003 7:29 AM
Do you think the soft nose of the DD would work for a more aero position? The biggest problem I have with my Koobi is that it's kind of hard in the front when I get in an aero position. Not very comfy. (Plus, with the big flat rear part of the saddle, I slide around too much).
re: Serfas DD Prorussw19
Mar 15, 2003 2:44 PM
Like I said, I like it. I ride a lot further forward on my saddle on my mountain bike than my road bike. You said your LBS stocks Serfas saddles... see if they have one and try it out. But it does have a soft nose and it angles slightly down... not like the WTB saddles, but just a bit down. Try one. Like I said earlier, ask your shop if you buy a saddle and ride it for 30 miles, as long as it comes back looking new, if you don't like it, will they trade it for a different one? I am sure if you shop is worth a damn and cares about customer service, they will say "sure!"

Mar 15, 2003 5:21 PM
They would never let me do that. Here in the Bronx, they won't even let people take bikes for a test ride. Not a single bike in the shop has pedals on it for that very reason! Customer service is non-existant in the Bronx. It's not just the bike shops. One of my classmates bought a Cannondale from them last year (a expensive Raven for a beginning rider who wouldn't even ride on a dirt road let alone a real trail), and it was put together very shoddily. (Is that a word?) His brakes were rubbing the tires and rattling like crazy (on his first ride!). He didn't care because he didn't know any better, but that's not my point... Besides, the last time I was in the shop, they ticked me off enough that I wouldn't buy from them unless they were the only open shop in NY and I needed a part to save my life! Ignorant morons. (Fortunately for me, I have a friend in Utah who is a C'dale dealer who hooked me up and is shipping me the part that they said didn't exist even after I showed them one on a bike in their own shop).
What a name for a saddle!Spoke Wrench
Mar 15, 2003 6:52 AM
Terrazzo is a flooring material of polished concrete and marble chips. I wouldn't think it would make a very comfy bicycle saddle.