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Ultegra vs. Centaur(4 posts)

Ultegra vs. Centaurpappy_d
Mar 13, 2003 10:33 AM
I'm thinking about upgrading from my current 8 speed shimano 600/105 STI setup, to either Shimano 9speed ultegra or Campagnolo 10 speed Centaur. I can get the American Classic shimano/campy cassette to make it all work with my current hub.

What are the quality differences? Weight difference? Price difference?

Facts and opinions welcome!!

thanks dan
re: Ultegra vs. Centaursjomi
Mar 13, 2003 10:51 AM
My previous bike had Ultegra 9-speed and my current Orbea is Centaur 10. Both are great groups but I went with the Centaur on my Orbea because I really prefer the shifter style of Campy better.
The shifting in Campy is more mechanical click-click type than the quieter Shimano Ultegra. I like that better as well.
I think the quality is equal, the weight might be a bit more.

Unless you prefer the shifting style better of Campy I would think that it would be too expensive of a switch.
re: Ultegra vs. Centauribhim
Mar 13, 2003 7:44 PM
Reviewing prices at
Full groups, less hubs and headset, free shipping
Ultegra $525
Centaur $499

I personally use campy (Centaur/Chorus mix with Veloce 9sp cassette) Economically, you would probably be better off with Ultega because you wouldn't need the full set. Campy 10 will essentially require the full set as you will have to replace front cranks/chainring etc. See Campy's web site (Q&A section) for a discussion on converting from 9 to 10. That's the reason I have the 9sp Campy as I elected to economize where I could. After all, it is an older bike that will be history after another year, so there was only so much I wanted to invest.

I guess it comed down to a question - what are your expectations? Long term, go Campy, short term stick with Shimano.
why do you want to change?satanas
Mar 18, 2003 6:17 AM
It's cheaper to go to ultegra 9; only need RH STI lever, chain, cassette + (maybe) rear derailleur and (perhaps) inner chainring. Chains and cassettes are also cheaper and spares are more widely available for Shimano. Bit less dish in rear wheel too.

OTOH, Campag shifters have some ergo/aero points in their favour - and are rebuildable - and there's that extra gear... If this saves you having to have another cassette and switch between them, or you get closer ratios, etc, this might be enough by itself.

I've been thinking of switching from DA 8 speed to 9 speed, or to Campy 10, but have decided to wait for more details on DA10, as I'd rather stick with Shimano if existing hubs will work (and I can get suitable ratios - probably unlikely on both counts ). I've got enough cassettes lying around to last until after Interbike...

I'd say weight difference will be negligible, but this depends on how obsessive you are and whereabouts you think weight loss/gain matters.

Quality diff also minimal; both work fine and are durable.