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Ergobrain user question(1 post)

Ergobrain user questionPaulCL
Mar 13, 2003 7:06 AM
I have had my EB for a month. There is SO much info on the machine that I don't feel like I know how to use it yet...but that's for another post. I do love it.

My question (and I did look at the manual to no avail): Can I turn the automatic timer OFF for the main screens? I much prefer pushing a button to turn my time off/on myself. I just got used to doing that with other computers. I know I can do that with the stopwatch feature.

As a test yesterday morning on a short 20 mile loop, I used the STW feature to record my entire time and average speed. The main screen reported an average speed of 15.6mph while the STW showed 17.7mph (since I got to turn it off/on at stops). The difference was the starting/stopping at the dozen or so stoplights and stopsigns. I guess it bugs me to see an average speed of 15 something.....