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Cane Creek headset question for technogeeks(2 posts)

Cane Creek headset question for technogeeksNessism
Mar 12, 2003 9:11 AM
Building up a new ride, and being a cheap sob at heart, I opted to buy a $50 Cane Creek S-Pro headset instead of a more expensive King or similar. The specs seem pretty good on paper; stainless cartridge bearings, CNC machined 7075 aluminum cups, stainless crown race, ect. The pieces are nicely finished and seem well sealed which is half the battle with headsets I think.

What worries me is the way the steerer tube is centered inside the upper bearing - which is a larger diameter than the steerer. Cane Creek uses a wedge shaped steel "compression ring" which fits tightly over the steerer tube to do the centering. This compression ring is only about 5 mm tall and has fairly sharp edges. I'm concern that this ring is going to bite into my forks carbon steerer tube causing a stress consentration notch. I'm starting to think that this headset would be fine for a metal steerer tube but might not be suitable for carbon.

Any comments and/or experiences on this matter are appreciated.

re: Cane Creek headset question for technogeeksEric_H
Mar 12, 2003 7:46 PM
I have a Cane Creek IS-6 integrated HS that uses the same conical compression ring. I am using it with a Reynolds Ouzo Pro fork and I have seen no sign of any marking from this ring. If you are concerned about a sharp burr, just run some fine-grit sandpaper around it to be sure.