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Sigma Sport BC1400 - help w/ wheel size input?(5 posts)

Sigma Sport BC1400 - help w/ wheel size input?gmc
Mar 12, 2003 6:44 AM
Can anyone out there giude me through inputting wheel size into my BC 1400?

Thought I'd ask for help this time. Every time I replace the batteries I go through this - can't do it when I follow the directions. Somehow I always manage to get it right eventually but I swear the directions on the website aren't right. Or I'm an idiot - wouldn't be the first time.

Might be the same with other Sigma Sport models.


Here's what you need to do...Cima Coppi
Mar 12, 2003 7:11 AM
Go to the Ave Speed screen on the unit. Press and hold the set button underneath the computer, and the wheel size screen will pop up. Use the upper left button to change the numbers, and the lower button to move to the right to the next number column.

Also, you can find the manual on-line on Sigma's website.

Good luck.

here's the link to the on-line manual...Cima Coppi
Mar 12, 2003 8:02 AM
Got it, thanks.gmc
Mar 12, 2003 8:21 AM
OK, got it. Man, that's two votes for "I'm an idiot" because it worked just as you said. I had looked through the online manual - already had the link but thanks anyway - and it just wasn't working out for me.

The bad news, though, is that it defaults to the km/h setting for 700C wheels - so man, on my solo ride last weekend my computer said I was just flyin'! Oh well, guess I really have to keep working.
I just did it myself on Monday for bike #2Cima Coppi
Mar 12, 2003 10:31 AM
I finally got a second bike mount, so I set up the wheel circumference for that bike on Monday. It's still very fresh in my mind as to how to do it. Honestly though, I can say that the setup on the unit is not particularly intuitive like it was on my old Avocet 45TT.

Take care,