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Paired spoke wheel concern(2 posts)

Paired spoke wheel concernRoger H
Mar 10, 2003 8:58 PM
Saw this in a review for American Classic wheels " A design advantage to the 420's is that they don't follow the paired spoke trend (or G-3 in Campy's case) of other companies. I am sure there is some type of advantage to paired spokes, but so far, the only "advantage" I have seen with two sets from two different manufacturers is that when a spoke goes on you, the rest of the wheel is toast. When a spoke goes on a standard wheel, you hear it pop, the wheel goes out of true, and you brake to a stop, loosen your brake adjustment and ride home. When a spoke goes on a paired spoke wheel (speaking from experience) you hear it pop, you feel it taco (because of the high tension and lack of other spokes nearby to help stability) and you slide to a stop on the ground looking backward at the cool strip your flesh made on the pavement. " Should a person with paired spoke wheels be concerned? Thanks
re: Paired spoke wheel concernrussw19
Mar 10, 2003 9:55 PM
I have read that review. It's from pezcycling, right?
I also have a set of Am Classic 420's and they are as nice as the review says they are.
I have owned a set of Rolf Sestriere's and Bontrager Race X-Lites. I have never broken a spoke myself, but I have seen a friend do it while we were riding shoulder to shoulder on a paved rails to trails path. There was a bang and he was on the ground. That quick. Spoke broke, wheel folded, rider was down.
The problem as I see then with the paired spoke design is that it spreads a large amount of stress across a large span of rim. The spokes are high tension, so when one breaks, the rim is comprimised if you are bigger rider, you are probably going down. Rolf's are nice in the sense that the newer ones use a new hub design that is said to offset some of that stress, but the Bontrager wheels (Trek bought the license from Rolf) use a more or less standard hub.
This is my opinion, so take it as such, but I do not like the paired spoke design. I would recommend a pair of Cane Creek Volos instead for near the same money if you want a good semi-aero boutique wheelset. Or get the American Classics. I like mine a lot. I have owned about everything on the market except the Campy G3 wheels, and I think my favorite were the Cane Creeks. I have only had my Am Classics for a month now, so I will let you know more about them later..


Oh yeah, my friend was on Bontrager Race X-lites when he decided to take a bite out of the pavement.