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Vetta V100 Wireless Cadence questions(2 posts)

Vetta V100 Wireless Cadence questionssweetri
Mar 10, 2003 7:51 PM
I find that I am in need of two computers for two bikes with internal cable routing and thought it would be nice to get one wireless cadence computer for both. Three questions: 1) how well does the wireless cadence work? 2) Can you display cadence, current speed and average speed (or at least an arrow indicator) at the same time? 3)Where can I buy seperate mounting kits? Performance and others don't list extra kits as an option.
re: Vetta V100 Wireless Cadence questionsBriton
Mar 10, 2003 8:04 PM
I have had a V100HR for about a year and the wireless cadence works fine on my 60cm frame, except when the temperature drops below freezing. One can display current speed, cadence, and a visual indicator of above/below average speed. I purchased the cadence kit from Performance for $99. It is not listed on the web site but is in every catalog. The part number (40-1311)
can be entered on their site to purchase the item.