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How hard/easy is it to build your own wheelset?(1 post)

How hard/easy is it to build your own wheelset?jzinckgra
Mar 10, 2003 3:16 PM
Hey guys. I've been considering building my own set of wheels for quite awhile now. I currently have 2 sets: AC350 (~1350g) and CaneCreek Chronos (~1700g). Both of these sets has treated me well so far, but in the quest for building up a Klein QP frame that I have laying around, I was considering the wheel build as well. How hard is it to build a set? Basically, I can true a wheel with a spoke wrench and some other minor repairs or fixes, but not too sure how hard it would be to build the set. What tools would I need? In my limited searching thus far I have found I'd need a spoke wrench (duh!), nipple driver and maybe a tensionmeter, truing stand and dish. Which of these tools are absolutley required? Are there some good books out there on wheelbuilding? I noticed performance has one called the "art of wheelbuilding", I think. I'm not looking for an ultra lite wheelset, since the ac350's already fit the bill, but was thinking of something in between the two sets. I was looking at the Velocity Aerohead rims or maybe some Mavic OP's with some decent hubs, but no firm decisions yet. How much money would I really save (versus frustration) doing this myself? Sorry for the q's, but I appreciate your help. Thanks.