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Pedal cleat adjustment question(4 posts)

Pedal cleat adjustment questionibhim
Mar 6, 2003 10:58 AM
After 10 year layoff, getting back into cycling doing 25-50 miles with "social" groups and have the goal to progress to more aggressive groups. Just upgraded original rat traps to Look 396 pedals. While I know the general process pedal/knee geometry for efficient downstroke/cadence/power, I have never seen the following addressed.

For pedal/cleat attachment, should I replicate abnormal (but natural), or should I replicate normal? By that I mean.....when standing, and even walking, my left foot
points straight forward, however, my right foot points 20-30 degrees to the right.

Should I set the cleats so both left and right are straight forward ("normal"), or should I angle the right so the foot is pointing out and the heel is closer to chain ("abnormal")?

When I first started, I used athletic shoes and dealt with the numb feet. I found my ancient shoes in the attic with rat trap cleats and last two rides, right knee started hurting. Uncertain how was set as kept trying to adjust. Now my knee is 'tender' and don't know if adjustments are correct or continuing to aggravate as I test it on short 1 milers around the neighborhood.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.
re: Pedal cleat adjustment questionSpunout
Mar 6, 2003 11:48 AM
I'd set the float to full and see where your feet point naturally. Once you get the idea, start moving the cleat so that you can reduce the amount of float.

Your knees will tell you how well you are doing. With the looks, using a lower release tension setting also allows the float and pre-release load to be lighter, so that might also help you with adjustments.
re: Pedal cleat adjustment questionridingthegyro
Mar 6, 2003 1:51 PM
A good bicycle fitter could fix your cleats adjustments, but you may have to switch to Speedplay pedals, which could probably accomodate 20-30 degrees that you mention.
Thanks for infoibhim
Mar 7, 2003 10:06 AM
Tommorow will be big test with extended mileage. Have adjusted with right angling out moderately and no pain when doing a short test run several times.

FYI: I dicovered it quite by accident as I always assumed both feet pointed forward. I was on a tile floor that provided a solid lineal reference vs foot position. Then was conscious of it as I reviewed my normal walk, right maintaining the slight angle. Further, when brought both feet parallel, notice how swung my knee out.

Thanks again.