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Alex R390 Rims Information & Opinions Wanted(2 posts)

Alex R390 Rims Information & Opinions Wantedjpo
Mar 5, 2003 12:02 PM

Does anyone have any knwledge of the Alex R390 rims that Nashbar has on sale for 14.99? How are Alex rims for durability and finish? They are not too heavy (480g). I am thinking of making a pair up with 36 holes lx or xt hubs for commuting and touring. I purchased a used Trek 520 that had alot of mileage on the original wheels.

re: Alex R390 Rims Information & Opinions WantedTWD
Mar 5, 2003 2:27 PM
I built up a spare set of wheels for my cross bike late last fall using Alex R390s.

Pros: They are a nice looking rim, reasonable weight, and have eyelets.

Cons: One of the rims had a bulge in the sidewalls at the joint and although they have a machined braking surface they are far from even and smooth. Both rims had a very irregular/wavy brakeing surface which results in the brakes having a tendency to pulse and grab. From looking at the sidewalls you can easily see the uneven wear.

Durability has been fine so far, although I've only put a couple hundred miles of on/off-road use on them.

I can't say that I would recommend them, as the quality seems to be lacking (at least on both rims that I got).