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cowhorn bars - yes/no?(3 posts)

cowhorn bars - yes/no?mattcrout
Mar 4, 2003 12:04 PM
Hi, i am looking for some info on cowhorns. i see lot of bike messengers using them and they look really comfy. i seldom if ever ride in the drops except maybe when i need to brake a little better or coasting down hill. i bike mainly for commuting, which is less then 10 miles. so would this be a good idea becuase they look comfortable. also, I don't currently race, but if i was, i'd probably do triathlons and not road racing, so fitting aero bars would look good. but my real question (because i'm cheap) is that i have 105 8-speed STI shifters currently. could i just mount these onto the cowhorns instead of bar end? if that's a problem how much ar bar end shifters and new brakes. mind you i'm on a budget!! any info on the nashbar cowhorns for like $25? Is this really more comfortable? thanks!

re: cowhorn bars - yes/no?mattcrout
Mar 4, 2003 12:15 PM
Oh yeah, i forgot. i actually have 7 speed cassette, but my LBS set up the 8speed STI to work so it has an extra click, but doesn't go anywhere. will this cause a problem with barends? will i have to run in friction mode, or can i still use the index? thanks!

re: cowhorn bars - yesbrider
Mar 4, 2003 1:23 PM
I've done this configuration, and actually liked it. Used it as a precursor to adding clip-ons.

No reason not to use the STI on the cowhorns. You can either let the brake cables run free, or bend them back and run them under some bar wrap. In some cases, you may be able to run them INSiDE the bars (Mavics are pre-drilled, if memory serves me). Of course there's always the option of running bar-end shifters, but it's not necessary (I ran cowhorns well before STI was even on the market, so I was using downtube shifters).