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Does anyone know?(4 posts)

Does anyone know?John Ryder
Mar 3, 2003 3:33 PM
If the new 10 speed Dura-ace cassette will work on my Mavic ksyriums sl's. If Shimano sets the spacing the same as Campy's 10 speed then all I should have to do is remove a spacer that you keep on the freehub for Shimano, and remove for Campy on the Ksyriums...Right?
the rumor is no...C-40
Mar 3, 2003 4:26 PM
The rumor is that the spline on the new cassette and hub will be deeper. If the pattern is not changed, then 9 speed cassettes will work on the new hubs, but the 10 speed cassette won't fit older wheels.
re: having seen it -> noGianicolo
Mar 5, 2003 6:06 AM
Last week I saw Lance Armstrongs bike (in the USPostal garage in Belgium, at his mechanic's) he'll be using next summer. The Dura Ace 2004 group was mounted on it... it's marvelous.

I can't tell you more, but I believe the hubs are totally different. Considering the price of the DA 2004 and these hubs... buy yourself a new bike till then!
Shimano build backwards compatibility?atpjunkie
Mar 5, 2003 6:51 PM
you are talking about the microsoft of bicycle parts, I laughed so hard I fell out my chair. It'll be new, better? (look at new XTR shifters, rapid rise der.) and probably not work with what you already own.