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Campy Chorus Crank/Bottom Bracket Compatibility?(5 posts)

Campy Chorus Crank/Bottom Bracket Compatibility?acp
Mar 2, 2003 7:58 AM
I have an unused 1992 Chorus crank set. Will a new (2002 or 2003) Chorus bottom bracket fit those cranks or is the spindle a different shape? What kind of BB will fit 1992 Chorus cranks. Also, will new 10 speed chainrings fit the older cranks?

re: Campy Chorus Crank/Bottom Bracket Compatibility?Rusty Coggs
Mar 2, 2003 9:21 AM
Spindle taper(ISO) is the same.The 92 may require a different spindle length.10 speed rings will fit,but aren't a requirement for 10 speed
re: Campy Chorus Crank/Bottom Bracket Compatibility?curlybike
Mar 2, 2003 11:11 AM
1992 will require a 111 BB length, use a Centaur 111 ACS BB. You need to know that it requires a special install tool. These bb's are very inexpensive units but are quite good. If you live in the DC area, I can install it for you.
Yes, 111mmMR_GRUMPY
Mar 2, 2003 1:01 PM
re: Campy Chorus Crank/Bottom Bracket Compatibility?Rob Sal
Mar 3, 2003 11:28 AM
Campag make their latest Record bb in a 111mm symmetrical version for use with their older cranks, if you want something better than a Centaur bb (not that there is anything wrong with them, I have only ever used Athena cartridge bbs on all my bikes and never had any probs) Centaur needs a different tool to Chorus and Record though.