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2001 GT ZR-1.0 question (Front Clamp)(3 posts)

2001 GT ZR-1.0 question (Front Clamp)djkellycx
Mar 1, 2003 4:46 PM
I have a 2001(56cm)GT ZR-1.0 frame that I'm(finally) building up.I don't have the frame with me, but I need to know the front derailler clamp size and if it is a top pull or otherwise,and any other relevent data I might need to make an informed purchase of parts.I'm building it up with Record, if that matters.Thanks in advance for your help!!!!
re: 2001 GT ZR-1.0 question (Front Clamp)gttrek
Mar 3, 2003 1:47 PM
I have a GT ZR 4.0 it is 1 3/8" also you want bottom pull.
like 105 or ultegra type or Campy braze on.
most alum frame are 1 3/8"
re: 2001 GT ZR-1.0 question (Front Clamp)edmundtan
Mar 4, 2003 5:55 PM
My GT ZR.20 needs a 31.8mm (1¼ inch) FD clamp. I think all road bike frames uses a bottom pull FD as the standard.