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Best everyday wheel setup for under $300?(13 posts)

Best everyday wheel setup for under $300?Fez
Feb 27, 2003 5:10 PM
Nothing comes to mind except DuraAce hubs on Open Pro rims.

1) How much do these weigh? All I know is the Open Pro rim weighs 425g each.

2) For a 155lb rider, what spoke choice, 14/15? 15 straight? Revolution?

3) This might exceed the $300 limit, but what better hub choices are there to put with an Open Pro? Worth the money, or should I go boutique instead?
Feb 27, 2003 5:15 PM

You can't beat that.

Feb 27, 2003 5:19 PM
Yeah, those were the ones I was considering.

Any idea on the weight, and how they compare to the the boutique wheels like the Ksyriums or the other Mavic factory builds?
and track down a Perfomrance 20% off coupon to net at $200 (nm)Suds
Feb 28, 2003 5:51 AM
Great wheels for all round useedmundtan
Feb 27, 2003 5:29 PM
I've a set which I use on regular rides. I think it's good enough to race with although I don't race. I send it to a good LBS for trueing every year or so. I have the (in)famous Open Pro clicking problem in the rear rim but I generally ignore it and has not been an issue.

You can't go far wrong with this setup.
re: Best everyday wheel setup for under $300?rogue_CT1
Feb 27, 2003 7:00 PM
Velocity Spartacus Wheelset - 16f/20r for riders under 180 and 20f/24r for bigger riders. 30mm deep V rims and smooth hubs. Best of all they are virtually bulletproof. Nashbar has them for $119.95 front and $139.95 rear. They use 14g spokes in a 1x pattern. They aren't the lightest wheels but they are extremely strong and reliable.
re: Best everyday wheel setup for under $300?altidude
Feb 28, 2003 4:49 AM
My first two choices would be Velocity Spartacus or anything custom built with an OP, or Aerohead rim and a decent hub like Ultegra or Centaur/Chorus. These wheels have virtually identical performance characteristics to $600 Ksyriums which are neither aero nor light. Colorado Cyclist weighs all their prebuilt wheelsets and claims that Ksyrium SL's with included skewers tip the scales at 1725 grams. Considering how light the hubs are and the fact there are only 38 spokes made from aluminum guess where all their weight is? If you guessed the rims you guessed correct, and that's the last place you want it for performance. I imagine that is why Mavic did all that silly hollowing out of the rim between the spokes deal to try to make the rim lighter, but its still pretty low profile, pretty boxy and pretty heavy. I think many riders of that wheel feel its fast because its so stiff that it transmits back more road feedback which provides the sensation of being faster when its not. I'd be willing to wager the Ksyrium rims push 500 grams each, maybe even a bit more which certainly does not lead to being a quick accelerator. Don't believe all the advertised weights of the prebuilts, most of these figures do not include skewers and even more important they are merely manufacturer "suggested" or targeted manufacturing weights which often differ significantly from what they really weigh in real life. I'll put my trust behind what Colorado Cyclist claims are the true actual weights for these wheels based upon the number of prebuilts I have seen come in well over what they supposedly weigh. Colorado says the Neutrons weigh 1725 and Eurus 1715 with skewers, certainly not light by any stretch of the imagination for $600 and since thee wheels to use fewer spokes especially in the Eurus case and Record quality hubs, guess where all their weight is? Stick to the basic smart wheelsets, from a pure performance standpoint they will hold up well , probably even accelerate faster than many of the heavy rimmed boutique fashion model wheels of Mavic, Campy or even Velomax. Lots of money paid to get pretty rim graphics and imaginary performance advantages for the boutique wheels.
I think they are around 1650 grams. nmDave Hickey
Feb 28, 2003 4:34 AM
re: Best everyday wheel setup for under $300?koala
Feb 28, 2003 4:35 AM
I got a pair of excelsports cirrus. REVO spokes, open pros, alloy nips, chorus hubs under 290. I weigh 165 and have had no problems. I havent even trued them once in two seasons.
28h Record Hubs w/Shimano Ti spline...Spunout
Feb 28, 2003 4:45 AM
Do you want to be the envy of your Shimano-using packriders? Checkout and look at their build ups. You could go as low as 28h, nice butted spokes, but get Record hubs and ask them to switch the splines so you can use with your Shimano 9s drivetrain. This spline is used for Campy OEM wheels with Shimano users, but will retro onto the Record hubs just fine.

That way, when you're ready to go Record 10, you just have to switch the splines back! ;-)
re: Best everyday wheel setup for under $300?DaveLobster
Feb 28, 2003 6:03 AM
I build wheels, and I have a small digital scale to weigh stuff. I'm no weight-weenie, but people like to know, and sometimes it's hard to convince them a "normal" wheel can weigh as little as the prebuilt wheel of the moment.

Dura Ace hubs weigh 115/312g f/r. The two OP's I've weighed were right at the advertised weight of 425 (actually 424 and 423). DT 14/15 DB spokes weigh around 198g for 32(172g/28). Sapim Lasers (similar to Revo's)weigh 155g f/32(134g/28). Alloy nipples are 10g/32, and brass is 30g/32.

If you built with DA hubs, 28 2x front and 32 3x rear, alloys and DT 14/15's, your wheelset should weigh around 1665g, which you will notice compares favorably to Shimano's $700 Dura-Ace factory wheels. Built with Lasers, you are looking at 1584g+-.

You are pretty light by my standards. I would not think twice about putting all Laser's on your wheels.

Stick with the DA hubs. You can save weight by going boutique, but it is not worth it IMHO. -Dave
What about Cane Creek AeroHead SG - $249?outofthesaddle
Feb 28, 2003 2:07 PM
Sigificant price reduction from list but I don't know anything about these. Anybody have any thoughts on these at this price?
What about Cane Creek AeroHead SG - $249?russw19
Mar 1, 2003 10:30 PM
The Cane Creek wheels rule! I have a set of the Aerohead Team's with the Ti spokes, so they are the $800 set, but their design is superior to most others.
The spokes are straight and anchor at the rim instead of the hub, making the hole in the rim smaller and therefore, the rim stronger. They use a nylock nut for the spokes that anchors at the hub. The nylock nut keeps your wheels true as it keeps them from vibrating loose.. You have your spoke nipples at the hub instead of the rim, so the rotating mass is lower at the rim than most other wheels. This makes for a faster wheel (look it up in a physics text if you don't believe me)
I have the Ti spoked version so they run high tension and have zero windup, but the stainless version is still really nice, and when you consider it's half the price, you can't beat it. I have seen the team's on sale for as low as $400. At that price I would recommend them to everyone, as you get a super strong stiff, yet comfy wheel due to the Ti spokes. I saw it in the Hot Deals section to your screen's left at one point not too long ago, but I don't remember who was selling them.
Anyways, they are more function than hype, unlike the Rolf's and Bontrager's and Ksyriums... try them, you will love them.