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wheelset(3 posts)

Feb 27, 2003 11:58 AM

I have a set of mavic ma3/105 wheelset. I have an oppertunity to get a set of velocity deep V/ultegra wheelset. Both are 32 hole. Which is stronger? I am 250lbs. Hopefully the weight will be going down with more riding.

Also does anyone know the link to the site that does price comparisons of shimano parts. They also list if the place selling does price matching. And they added some shocks into their site.

Last, I am looking at getting a trainer. Maybe a 1up. Will it hold my weight? any suggestion on a strong trainer?

re: wheelsetNater
Feb 27, 2003 1:32 PM
The Velocity wheels will definitely ride more rigid and probably be stronger. If the price is right, I'd get them and I don't think you'll need to worry about the durability of the wheels. I've got a set and the spoke wrench hasn't touched them in the 3 years since I built them. I have no idea how many miles are on them but it's a combination of road, gravel road, rail trails, and off-road (they're on a cyclocross bike). I weigh 190-210 pounds depending on the time of year but I think they'll work for you. Keep the MA3/105 set for after you loose the weight!
Shimano comparison pricing...........heredavet
Feb 27, 2003 2:14 PM