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Kelly Take-Offs Reviews?(3 posts)

Kelly Take-Offs Reviews?Nater
Feb 27, 2003 11:53 AM
Greetings all,

I wwas wondering if any of you out there have any experiences (good/bad/indifferent) with the Kelly Take-Offs. If you don't know what they are, go to and check them out. They seem to be pretty cool (read inexpensive) way to get handlebar mounted shifting near the brake levers that's accessable while riding with your hands on the hoods. Any thoughts about installation, ergonomics, comfort, performance, etc...

Thanks alot!
re: Kelly Take-Offs Reviews?Rusty Coggs
Feb 27, 2003 12:06 PM
Did not work for me.Had two sets. Gave one away, and sold the other.They did not work from the drops and reqired too many changes in hand position to manipulate,even from the hoods.Prefer barends.
Thanks Rusty...Nater
Feb 27, 2003 1:27 PM
that's kind of what I suspected. While the Take-offs place the lever closer to the brake levers, I still thought it would require an awkward hand position to get the right leverage to use the levers. It looks like it might be hard to just reach over with your thumb and click off one gear. Thanks for the input!