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Look cleats wear(7 posts)

Look cleats wearpandele
Feb 25, 2003 12:46 AM
Dear guys
I'm using now the Look system pedals, after years of SPD and SPD-R.
I like the feel of the large platform, but can anyone tell me how long those plastic cleats can last. How can I prevent quick and excesive wear. I don't like to replace very often these plastics. It's money and time consuming (in our country, people are quite poor). So, please give me a tip. With anticipate thanks, Pandele.
re: Look cleats wearcastrello
Feb 25, 2003 3:20 AM
Well, I´ve been using mine for over a year and I´m not even close to changing cleats. However, there are some rubber covers available that you can put on your cleats so you can avoid wear when you´re walking. It could be a good idea to invest in them if you walk a lot with your racing shoes on. Or more simple than that; dont walk with your cycling shoes. However, these rubber covers will probably cost you as much as a pair of cleats so unless you´re planning to use the Look system for a few years I´m not sure the investment would be worth it.
re: Look cleats wearOldEdScott
Feb 25, 2003 5:51 AM
Don't walk on them. Get some covers (Koolcovers?)if you do. Keep them clean. Keep your pedal surfaces lubed with something like Armorall.

I usually get a season out of a pair.
Look, cleats wear! (nm)Alexx
Feb 25, 2003 6:15 AM
re: Look cleats wearjw25
Feb 25, 2003 7:23 AM
Like others have said, don't walk in your cycling shoes, and you'll prolong the life of the cleats, no matter what system you use.
With Looks, the cleat has 3 holes at the corners, that extend partway through the cleat. When any one of these is worn away, it's time for new cleats.
Personally, I've put a year and a half on my first set, and they're still rideable. Remember to wipe the cleats and pedals down every once in a while to prevent squeaks.
Don't push off with shoe on pavementeflayer
Feb 25, 2003 8:50 AM
Instead keep the "in the pedal" foot at the top of the pedal stroke. Then when starting push down on that foot instead of pushing against pavement with "out of pedal" shoe. After gaining some momentum, clip in the "loose" foot. Saves lots of red plastic from being left on the street. And Kool Kovers. Then they'll last a long time.
Don't push off with shoe on pavementRob Sal
Feb 25, 2003 10:29 AM
Kool kovers are great, although they can reduce cleat wear when walking off the bike, their main use is to stop you sliding on slippery floors and breaking your neck!!