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lp composites handlebars...dangerous?(2 posts)

lp composites handlebars...dangerous?keeshadog
Feb 24, 2003 11:28 PM
came across a great deal on a set of lp composite handlebars. flat, carbon/kevlar. they look very nice and i bought them because the price was right. price was too good to pass up and i've always wanted to get a set of carbon handlebars.
i've also been somewhat hesitant to buy carbon because of the horror stories about catastrophic failures with carbon components that simply cant handle certain stress. broken steerer tubes, handlebars, seat posts... i've also heard that installing the bars and shifters, levers can be a huge pain with carbon bars. and once i got home i started reading some of the reviews on mtb review and some of the stuff is enough to cause you to never buy anything with any carbon stuff on it.
if i keep them, i'll put them on a cyclocross bike that i'll be riding on-road with a small bit of trail riding.
anyone know anything about these bars? any cautionary tales? any info would be much appreciated. thanks.
re: lp composites handlebars...dangerous?Carbon fiber fanatik
Feb 26, 2003 5:41 PM
being a fanatik about carbon? I love my LP bars on my mtn. bike. I use the LP bars,seat post and bar ends on my (yes) carbon kestrel cs-x. Never had a prob.

The thing to remember is that anything can be stressed to the point of breaking. If it is made by humans it already has built in flaws.

off to the trainer.. blech, i hate winter.