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Chorus hub maintenance(4 posts)

Chorus hub maintenanceHiggins
Feb 24, 2003 8:04 AM
I have some 2001 Campagnolo Chorus hubs, and I'd like to take them apart to re-grease them. Has anyone done this, and is it fairly straight forward? I have looked at the instructon sheets on the Campy website and it looks OK, but any advice would be welcome. Thanks.
re: Chorus hub maintenanceLeroy
Feb 24, 2003 8:38 AM
It's very straightforward. No tricks. Just follow the instructions and you will do fine. It's satisfying to ride on hubs that you know are right.
re: Chorus hub maintenanceHiggins
Feb 24, 2003 9:02 AM
Did you use a torque wrench? The site suggests how much you should tighten various parts.
no, but I probably should [nm]Leroy
Feb 24, 2003 4:36 PM