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Anybody know what Tool is needed for Ultegra Crankset Removal(5 posts)

Anybody know what Tool is needed for Ultegra Crankset RemovalMaartin
Feb 24, 2003 6:26 AM
I started removing the triple year 2000 crankset and realized I needed a two prong tool. Anybody know what I need to order? Thanks
Just need a crank-bolt allen wrenchekdave
Feb 24, 2003 6:35 AM
keep the "two prong" cicular part on there! When you turn the crank bolt counter clockwise, the bolt will push against the silver ring (with two holes in it) and pull the crank off by itself. You will feel resistance as you unscrew, but the crank will come off.

Those are "self-extracting" crank bolts as they are known.
8mm Allen keySpoke Wrench
Feb 24, 2003 6:38 AM
If you leave that self extractor ring on and simply unscrew the 8mm hex bolt, the crank will extract itself.

You didn't ask but when you go to put the crank back on:
1. First, remove the self extractor ring from the crank.
2. Grease the BB spindle splines.
3. Visually align the crank and spindle splines.
4. Torque the hex bolt to 30 to 35 ft/lbs.
5. Reinstall the self extractor ring.
LOTS of Shimano self-extracting cranks have been ruined by failure to follow this process. Uh - that kind of self inflicted damage is NOT a warranty issue.
Thanks for the HelpMaartin
Feb 24, 2003 7:34 AM
It is appreciated
Anybody know what Tool is needed for Ultegra Crankset Removaldavet
Feb 24, 2003 8:15 AM
The SPA-2 is a small pin spanner that will fit crank arm dust caps and the one-key release system retaining rings, as seen above. The SPA-2 also fit the bearing cone of freewheels.

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