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SuperLight Frames(3 posts)

SuperLight FramesLeGrimper
Feb 22, 2003 3:08 AM
G'day climbers

If you were going to build up a bike, with climbing in mind what frame would you use?

Just for simplicity I would add all Dura-Ace and Zip 303 wheels, ITM bits and an Era saddle.

What are the current light frames? i.e. TCR alloy around 950g or the Scott Pro SC7000 around 1050g

How about the new Teschner 'U2 X-lite' in Dedacciai 'U2 aluminium tubing checking in at 735grams!

Is this too light for real use and hard road racing (not really a crit machine).

Opinions please on what you would choose and build up with.
re: SuperLight Framesgray8110
Feb 22, 2003 2:49 PM
Unless you weigh 130 pounds and never get out of the saddle and always spin at 90+ cadence, I'd lean more towards a still very light frame in the 2 pounds range (there are many of them).. You can still build bikes around 15 pounds easilly but the frame will be much stiffer laterally than a U2 frame. Stiffness while climbing is so much more important than 250 grams ever will be. If your frame flex 2-5 cm's on a standing pedal stroke (which these light frames will) you are wasting energy flexing the frame instead of pushing down on the pedals and moving the bike forward.

re: SuperLight Frames125lb
Feb 26, 2003 7:33 PM
I weigh 125 and spin pretty fast. I have a TCR alloy, its fine. the tcr carbon is very nice and comfortable, the shop in town sells it for 2k, with ultegra and cosmos. its the cheapest superlight frame or complete bike i've seen. I just bought a merlin magia on monday, its not built, but i think the extra money was worth it. Having a shop discount justifies everything. Aluminum is a little too harsh, especially for long rides past 40 miles. I think if you are light, it will last. I got ti because i want this to be my last bike.