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Questions about hubs...(3 posts)

Questions about hubs...PeterRider
Feb 21, 2003 10:25 AM
Was reading the debate about hugi240 hubs below...

- what makes a hub roll smoothly, is it mostly the quality of the bearings ? If so, I'll just get the best bearings available on the market for servicing my Ultegra or D/A hubs (if those don't already have the best bearings...) What I mean by "roll smoothly" is roll many meters/miles without need of pedaling.

- or is it this famous labyrinth seal ? What is this labyrinth seal by the way ?

- It seems that there is no clear conclusion about which hub is the best. I would like to know if there is some hub that CLEARLY rolls more smoothly than the set of Dura-ace that I just got. I don't care about dish, weight, appearance. Is there really a 300-400$ set worth the difference of $$$ with my 110$ D/A ??

Pierre (a bit confused by the hub debate)
Questions about hubs...atpjunkie
Feb 21, 2003 4:03 PM
Hub quality revolves around axle/bearing quality and engagement mechanism. Most hubs use a ratchet or pawl engagement unit (which allows hub to free spin but engage when you pedal). Chris King has a completely unique mechanism that is superior but not (200$ superior) and also produces a unique buzz when coasting. Hugi uses a star ratchet which works well and the 240 is a great and very light hub. Worth the extra $$ over D/A, I don't think so.
Labrynth seals are usually o-Rings and seal patterns built to 'trap' contaminants and water from getting to the hub mech. They don't help the hub spin better but make it last longer or go longer without servicing.
It's all about materials, design, construction and tolerancesKerry
Feb 21, 2003 7:16 PM
To have a good bearing system, you need tight tolerances, excellent manufacture, and excellent design. Everything has to be of hardened materials for the bearing surfaces, all parts have to be square in the assembly, you need close tolerances on the bearings and the cup/cone radii, you need stiff materials so things aren't flexing, and you need a good design to keep out water and dirt. Good design can be sabotaged by poor construction, and excellent construction cannot save a poor design. The close tolerances, hard surfaces, good seal design, and excellent construction result in durability and reliability, along with low rolling friction. To be a top line unit, all the peices have to be there.