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chris king vs. american classic hubs(13 posts)

chris king vs. american classic hubs125lb
Feb 19, 2003 9:02 PM
your opinion
Chris King all the way unlessAmbishawn
Feb 19, 2003 9:37 PM
you ride campy.
Chris King all the way unlessJFST
Feb 22, 2003 7:54 AM
If you want extreme reliability go with King. They are some of the best for mountain biking and all weather conditions so they will easily be an ultra durable road hub.
King will probably not be making any campy hubs soon simply because they are a fairly small company who can barely meet their demand. Their manufacturing is constantly being balanced depending on demand and having to retool manufacturing processes just for a very small percentage of the market would probably cut in to the manufacturing of their higher demand components which they have enough trouble getting out in time as it is.
I use American Classic, go with Chris King...Quack
Feb 20, 2003 6:22 AM
American Classic's minimalist designs are nice. However, if you're looking for a hub that can take serious abuse, I wouldn't recommend them. Their design, however unconventional and sexy, doesn't lend itself to longevity in extreme conditions. I'm a medium power 140-150lbs and successfully destroyed a cam plate in my Ultralight rear hub in under 1000 miles. If you are only going to race them, they should work just fine. But if you plan on taking off from stoplights in a tall gear and mashing, you'll destroy the cam plate in short order and be skipping on engagement from that point on.

I would go with King just because their designs are used successfully in mountain racing. I doubt if you will be breaking one on the road. I went American Classic because they were about half the price of King.

I use American Classic, go with Chris King...bobobo
Feb 20, 2003 7:27 AM
Why does King refuse to make a road hub with a Campy compatable freehub? If everyone else can do it why can't they?
Same reason Campy doesn't make mountain parts.Quack
Feb 20, 2003 8:20 AM
I don't know much about Chris King but I would guess that a very small percentage of their hubs are used for road use. Something like 3% I would guess. Of that 3%, less than 25% would request Campy compatibility. If it were me, I wouldn't tool up and manufacture a freehub body for Campy and sell about 10 of them a year. They could probably do it and make $$$ for an extra $50-100/rear hub on the Campy ones.

Same reason Campy doesn't make mountain parts.bobobo
Feb 20, 2003 8:51 AM
You really think the demand for Chris King road hubs is that low? It sure seems as though their road headsets are in huge demand and I know a fair number of Shimano riders who swear by their hubs. the Campagnolo crowd tends to be a very large walletted crowd, in other words a crowd which for the most part would not bat an eyelash at spending big bucks for a hub if they thought it was topnotch. I mean seriously how much R&D and tooling could it possibly take to build a hub with a Campy freehub body, it's not like R&D would be huge and they could actually outsource the freehub itself quite economically. For years Velomax resisted the Campy crowd by making Shimano only rear hubs but they too recently saw the light and realized they needed a Campy hubbed wheel to compete and grow. Any other comments?
Maybe not enough people with $$$ have complained...Quack
Feb 20, 2003 9:13 AM
I would say that a carefully written letter to Chris King by large numbers of these large-walleted Campy users may be able to get them to produce it. I doubt if King is out there diligently pounding the consumer insights pavement searching for what people want in their road hubs but rather waiting for enough demand to surface that they can afford to take the risk on the campy stuff. In the road bike component market with Shimano and Campy kicking out better and better parts at cheaper $$$, I would doubt that a manufacturer the size of King would take any risk on producing a slow-moving anything just to say they had everyone covered. Give me high-volume and average margin any day of the week.

Just my very biased opinion but it would probably be safer for them to produce a freehub conversion kit to Campy. However, the majority of the big $$$ Campy guys would not know how to install them. These guys would either call King directly for support, bring it to the local LBS for even more $$$ spent, or trash some parts in the process of disassembly by hammer, and end up calling King for replacement parts. By the time King is done, their chewing up more $$$ on support and distribution than it's worth.

Go Campy!!!!
Because Campy riders use Campy?Kerry
Feb 20, 2003 6:09 PM
There is very little incentive for someone on Record hubs to switch to King, or any other brand. The market is likely quite small.
Use a King freehub w/DA cassette and Campy 9 Speed.EW
Feb 20, 2003 8:05 PM
I use it and it works very well. No shifting problems.
King Bearing & Hub Internals Originally Spec'd for Shimano Spline DimensionsCarbonTi
Feb 20, 2003 10:14 PM
Not surprising as MTB's and Shimano-compatability were the original markets to target. I asked about CK's plans for a Campy rear hub and they said not anytime soon, if at all.

They said the Campy freehub has a much deeper depth of splines so this would require a smaller OD bearing, redesigned internals, etc. So the reliability and re-tooling cost issues are things that CK will not be investing into anytime soon.
I use American Classic, go with Chris King...fredthebiker
Feb 20, 2003 4:48 PM
I killed a King road hub in 4 months! The hub shell cracked and I only weigh 175lbs. I had a mountain wheelset, built by them and those didn't last much more then 4 months. Now, I am not hard on components. I get over 3000 miles on a cassette or chain. I have never bent a rim or damaged a frame. But, I have had problems with hubs. I had an American Classic rear hub that had a problem, NOT a cracked hub, but I did have some slipping and I sent it to them and have not had a problem since. AND...they didn't charge me for it!
re: chris king vs. american classic hubsYe Olde Balde One
Feb 23, 2003 10:29 AM
I wouldn't use either, Chris King don't offer any advantages over Record or Dura Ace hubs, and American Classic are overpriced hubs that only have a benefit if you want to use lower than a 28h spoke count. Personally I use Record hubs on my wheels and have some FiR prebuilt wheels that use TEC hubs, both work well for me and I can't find any gripes about either.