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velocity deep v rims light enough for and ape race?(5 posts)

velocity deep v rims light enough for and ape race?bikeape
Feb 18, 2003 7:53 PM
i'm 220 lbs. i'm a cat 4 racer. i ride 300 miles per week.
i tend to blow spokes on mass sprints or when trying to drop those cocky jockey-sized hill specialists. the guys at the crits call me bike ape.
i change spokes and true wheels more often than i lube the chain. i have a bent spoke sculpture gallery that would make an art critic drool.
i need your help.
i just killed a shimano 540. the salesman said the deep v rim on the shimanos would survive me. he was wrong.
my commuter has a multi-ton FIR als 6000 rim with 36 spokes. it stays true on the worst roads san francisco has to offer. but my granny passes me with her walker on the up hills.
i hear velocity deep v 14/15 DB is the way to go, but are they light and fast enough to race. no one answered that question earlier.
re: velocity deep v rims light enough for and ape race?rogue_CT1
Feb 18, 2003 8:11 PM
I use the Velocity Deep V built up by Velocity and sold as the Spartacus wheelset. I weigh 215-220 now but I was 242 when I got them. I had the same problem, I could break 2-3 spokes on one crank of the pedal. I don't have that problem anymore with the Velocity wheels. I broke 1 spoke when I hit a raised section of pavement and the rim never even went out of true. My wheelset is about the same weight or actually a little lighter than the Mavic Cosmic Carbone. So, yes the Deep V is light enough to race on. I actually run 20 spoke in the front and 24 in the rear with a 2x pattern and the spokes are grouped in pairs at the rim kind of like the 540's I believe. You won't have any problems with these my Clydesdale brother!
re: velocity deep v rims light enough for and ape race?Swat Dawg
Feb 19, 2003 6:54 AM
Check the post down the page a ways for my answer to the question, "How strong are deep v's?" It should help you realize the can stand up to most anything.

Swat Dawg '04
re: velocity deep v rims light enough for and ape race?DaveLobster
Feb 19, 2003 7:59 AM
First the facts: At 520 grams, the Deep V runs about 100g each heavier than the popular lightweight rims such as the Open Pro, ME-14A and Aerohead. So, everything else being equal, any wheelset built with them will be +-200g heavier than wheels built with these other rims.

Now the opinion: You can't really notice 200g, and it won't make you slower. This is even more true because of your body type. Some 120lb guy might notice it, but you won't.

Your old wheels were not particulary lightweight at 825f/1045r. Any competant wheelbuilder can build up a set of Deep V's that weigh that or less. The other factors in wheel weight are hubs, spokes and nipples. And due to the inherent strength in these rims, you can run fewer and/or lighter spokes than with a lighter rim.

There is also the Velocity Fusion rim which is a little shallower and a little lighter than the Deep V, intended to close the gap between Deep V and the Aerohead. It weighs 470-480g. Another thought is to use the Deep V just for the rear wheel, and use a lighter rim up front.
Listen up my furry friend...sprockets2
Feb 20, 2003 12:25 AM
While I agree with those who say that the DeepV is one stout rim, and with the poster in particular who said that the Fusion is a nice alternative for a slightly lighter-though still strong rim-there are some things I take issue with.

1. If you run a DeepV wheel up front and switch to a light wheel-like an OpenPro, etc., you WILL feel a difference, but mostly in the handling-the DeepV will steer just a touch slower. All that mass gets a good gyro effect going.

2. People who are having wheel trouble shouldn't go to low spoke count just because they have gotten a better rim. Change one thing at a time.

3. I'm not surprised that you killed the Shimano, as they underspec'ed the spokage IMHO.

4. An observation on what you have told us: you told us nothing about the build of the wheels. I wonder if you have explored the possibility that you might need to get a new wheel builder. You didn't say much about the rims failing, just the integrity of the spoke structure. I am exactly 220 lbs, and while I don't race I do climb a bit and I have never had trouble with my wheels, which have been DeepV, OpenPro, Fusion, and even some Spinergy SR3 which have survived 2 years. rots a ruck