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looking into a new computer for my bike(3 posts)

looking into a new computer for my bikesmcfall
Feb 18, 2003 11:32 AM
ok, i'm looking for a new computer for my bike...i've always liked avocet and used them for years, but last year i bought a new 35 and the first time i rode in the rain it acted all squirrly and never did, what do some of you people use and why and does it handle the wet conditions?

Echo -KeeponTrekkin
Feb 18, 2003 12:32 PM
Waterproof, speed, milage, cadence, max's, auto start, etc; all the info I can use for $40. (not wireless but that's not important to me)
re: looking into a new computer for my bikerogue_CT1
Feb 18, 2003 6:16 PM
Sports Instruments Si90. It's wireless and easy to use. I loved my Avocet and I wanted something that was as simple with a large display. I found it in the Si90. It has speed & actual riding time on one screen, speed & distance on the next, then avg. speed & total distance and the last screen gives max. speed & time of day. Almost everything uses one somewhat large button. The 2nd button is only used to reset the riding time and trip odometer. You must press and hold both to accomplish this, so it's hard to f-up. Best of all it only cost $65. I've never had a problem in the rain, sleet, snow or absolutely freaking freezing cold. I have 3000+ miles on mine with the same battery too.