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Lateral Stiffness of Wheels(2 posts)

Lateral Stiffness of WheelsEdSned
Feb 18, 2003 6:53 AM
Sorry, another wheel question:
I want to buy some new wheels, mainly for recreation/fitness rides around 50-80 miles, a few centuries and some long rides around the Alps this summer. I'm currently on CXP33's on Daytona hubs (on a Campag Principia) and I have some v old Open Pro's too. I want something a bit lighter (for the Alps) but here's the crux, I want something with plently of lateral stiffness - I'm about 75kg but not especially harsh on wheels, but I regularly have this feeling, probably mostly perceived rather than actually felt, that my current (admittedly old) wheels are quite flexy - particularly when coming descending in the Dolomites last year, in the corners I had this feeling that the steering wasn't as direct as I would have liked.
So if I'm looking at Kysrium Elites, Kysrium SL's, Campag Neutrons or Eurus, Bontrager Race X-lites or maybe more Open Pros (on better hubs), which of these feel stiffer (for the money)? I'm willing to pay a bit more if really required, but I'm reluctant to spend too much as I doubt I'll feel the difference (hence slightly Kysrium averse). As for ridiculously lightwieght, I like the idea but can't help feeling I'd be better emptying my waterbottle or losing a few pounds & saving the money.... So how are the Eurus (currently most likely) for lateral stiffness? Or the Kysriums? or anything else out there I should look at (bearing in mind Campag & Mavic are cheaper here in Europe). My choice will be based on a weight saved with additional stiffness vs money criteria, so not too many carbon recommendations please!

Many thanks
re: Lateral Stiffness of WheelsWoof the dog
Feb 18, 2003 9:08 AM
I would get Ksyriums. I will take a stab and say that I don't think you will be losing more than 50-100 grams of weight over your old wheels. Lateral stiffness of the wheel depends on a number of things, such as flange spacing and rim depth/weight. Compare shimano flange spacing to that of american classic micro front hub. AC is narrower. If front wheel is radially built, spoke heads in/out make a small difference too. I guess more spokes would help with stiffness, but a lot depends on the rim. CXP33 have slightly more depth than OP, as far as I remember, so how can OP be stiffer? Forget OP on better hubs.


woof the dog.