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Campagnolo HDL chains, any good?(3 posts)

Campagnolo HDL chains, any good?Cat 4 boy
Feb 17, 2003 2:15 AM
After snapping my prev 10 sp Campag permalink chain, I ordered a new chain & ended up with the HDL version.......which I can't join with my old campag chain tool!

Before I shell out the money for another campag chain tool, what are your experiences of these new campag chains, has anyone tried the Wipperman conex 10sp chains?

Thanx guys
HD-L is VG chain, use Park tool. nmSpunout
Feb 17, 2003 4:20 AM
Feb 17, 2003 5:10 AM
The new HD-L link can be installed with a good quality standard chain tool (like a Park chain tool), if you're careful.

Another good alternative is to use a Wipperman connex link to join the chain. Performance bike has them for $5. You could buy a dozen for the price of the campy chain tool. Be sure to install the link rightside up so the curved slot in the link forms a peak, not a valley. Installing it upside down can result in failure.

I tried the wipperman stainless steel chain and found that it shifted well, but it was noisier than a campy chain. The wipperman sideplates do not have the same shape as campy side plates. They are wider in the middle, not so much an hourglass shape. This may cause some interferance at the more extreme chain angles and cause the noise.