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Which of three Deep Rim Clinchers Would you Buy and why?(5 posts)

Which of three Deep Rim Clinchers Would you Buy and why?bobobo
Feb 16, 2003 6:50 AM
Which deep profile clincher would you buy and why between Rolf Prima Vigor, Campagnolo Eurus and Velomax Tempest?
Feb 16, 2003 7:37 AM
I would go with the Campy Eurus. The new Rolf's are unknown (I haven't had any experience with Rold either). I had a set of Velomax wheels and didn't have too much luck with them, kept going out of true and the hubs constantly needed grease or they would click, sent them back to Velomax 3 times for repair. Now Spinergy and Velomax are on my "never buy their crap" list. I have had really good luck with the Campy Neutrons however, 5k miles and no problems.
re: Which of three Deep Rim Clinchers Would you Buy and why?altidude
Feb 16, 2003 9:00 AM
If it were me and money were no object my order of preference would be 1) Rolf Prima, 2) Campy Eurus and 3) a distant 3rd Velomax.

I had a pair of Velomax Ascents which were near impossible to keep true. Switched to the Orions and they were better, but still flexy and I think the hub mechanism they use is very mediocre for a wheel in that price range. My Chorus hubs on a $250 wheelset are better performers. I think Velomax's straight pull spoke design is nice, but when combined with mediocre rims and hubs the end result isn't that great.

Even though Rolf wheels are untested I have no reservations whatsoever against these wheels. Rolfs wheels have been superbly built throughout his entire career and unlike some of the Rolf wheels under the Trek deal which were machine tensioned and built, all of the new Rolf Prima wheels are built by hand, tensioned and stress relieved by hand multiple times and the Rolf paired spoke design has proven itself even in the Campy Eurus wheel which uses a version of this very design on its rear wheel. Rolfs are expensive, but you pay for the best. If money were the prime consideration I would rate the Eurus #1, then Rolf and then Velomax. The new Velomax Tempest wil retail for $750 whih is insanely overpriced. Bottom line, buy what you really want otherwise you'll be selling it on ebay at a substantial loss.
re: Which of three Deep Rim Clinchers Would you Buy and why?Giant Joe
Feb 16, 2003 9:53 PM
1-Campy Eurus-Don't have expereince with these,just have A set of wheels built with record hubs that ride great.3 year warranty,around$560 to $650 price for set.
Branfordbike website has alot of info on these

2-Rolfs Vigors-Got A set as A up grade($150 above what I was going to pay) on my bike. stiff and they roll great looks like American classic hubs.Only have 900 miles on them but they are straight as first day I had them.Can't say that about any other wheels I have at lews,zipps bontagers snd custom built wheels.1 year warranty about $850 retail
3-Velomax-Don't know but from what the others said looks like they have problems.

Have you check out the RBR on these?

I would go with the Eurus first because of price and I have heard Alot of positive things + 3 year warranty.
re: Which of three Deep Rim Clinchers Would you Buy and why?Giant Joe
Feb 17, 2003 11:44 AM
Did A little more research on the wheels.Got interest in the Campy Eurus since It being brought up.At first I though they weighted in about the same as the Rolfs Vigors .

So I got A bike shop to weight A set of Eurus And they came in at 1590g w/ rim tape but no skewers
campy catalog list the Eurus at 1560g(I was never real sure if that weight included skewer but now I know)
also says they about 1600g in their catalog,A lttle confusing

Rolfs Vigors 1420g w/ tape no skewers.
Rolf list at 1425g A set must included the tape in this. Rim weight is 450 gram

I'm very happy with the Rolfs so far and everything I seen from him and his wheels has giving me alot of faith in his wheels.
Beside that they ride great his listed weight is right on,Im sure there's A small weight difference in the rim weight.
Got A 15 page owners manual with vigors and A build sheet listing every spokes tension and more handbuilt,yes.

So if you want A lighter set rolfs(about 170 grams less) It well cost more.
Campy Erus look like A very solid wheel set too(I wonder how much their rim weighs because that were It counts the most)