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Velocity Aerohead vs. Mavic Open Pro(22 posts)

Velocity Aerohead vs. Mavic Open ProAmbishawn
Feb 15, 2003 8:19 PM
Anyone using Velocitys? They come in a lot of colors. I noticed they have no eyelets. How do they compare to open pros?.
re: Velocity Aerohead vs. Mavic Open Proscorpionking
Feb 16, 2003 6:23 AM
I run Velocity Fusions and they are nice rims. That said, I'm no big fan of the noneyeletted Aeroheads if you are planning on using that rim on an everyday basis. The lack of eyelets saves very little weight and it is not as durable as a comparable built set of Open Pros. Both are good rims, but I'd favor the OP which is basically an indestructable rim. I know of a few larger riders who have ridden the Aeroheads and thought it was too flexy for their tastes. Advantage OP IMO.
re: Velocity Aerohead vs. Mavic Open ProWoof the dog
Feb 16, 2003 8:04 AM
I was told that to save weight velocity uses a softer alloy. Velocities are not as stout of a rim as mavic, but they work fine.

re: Velocity Aerohead vs. Mavic Open Proaltidude
Feb 16, 2003 9:04 AM
Joe Young, one of the best wheelbuilders in the world, does not suggest building with Velocity Aerohead rims because of the soft alloy and because of inconsistencies in the rims he experienced while using them on some wheelbuilds. Give him a call or send him and email and ask him what he thinks about them. He can build a wheel with any component so he has no reason to favor one over another unless it just works better.
re: Velocity Aerohead vs. Mavic Open ProAmbishawn
Feb 16, 2003 9:48 AM
I think I will give Joe a call. Not nessassarly about Velocity Aeroheads but about building some good wheels with Chourus hubs and some good double butted spokes. So far I don't like what I'm reading here about the Velocitys. I suppose I cant go wrong with Open Pros.
Going wrongEl Kabong
Feb 16, 2003 1:16 PM
If you peruse the reviews here, you will find that it appears one can indeed "go wrong" with Open Pros. I'm going to be trying Aeroheads myself; at about 1/2 the price of OPs it's worth a try.

El K.
re: Velocity Aerohead vs. Mavic Open Promcteague
Feb 16, 2003 11:58 AM
OTOH, other builders with good reputations use the Aerohead as their primary clincher rim. Dave Thomas of SpeedDream and Mike Garcia of OddsandEndos are two that come to mind. Velomax has a good reputation for pre-built wheels, although their spoke/hub interface is questionable, and they use Velocity rims exclusively.

Tim McTeague
re: Velocity Aerohead vs. Mavic Open Probobobo
Feb 16, 2003 3:52 PM
Neither of those two builders you mentioned are known for building durable wheels. They are known for seeking out the very lightest gram counting components possible and then building race only wheels which if you tried to use everyday would be toast within a couple months. Joe Young builds wheels to last a lifetime, Thomas and Garcia use fancy radial lacing patterns and stupid light components to produce wheels which typically require major rebuilding on almost a season by season basis if the wheel is ridden decent miles, which is something you never see from a Joe Young wheel. Heck, Garcia even recommends that his AC 350 built wheelsets not be ridden on a daily basis by even mid sized riders because of durability and inability to maintain trueness issues yet he still builds it, so go figure.

Go with OP's much better rims than aeroheads, much more proven, much more durable and if you can't solve the click problem it means you lack the mechanical skills to squirt a blob of glue in a weld hole.
Well, I guess I can't squirt glueMcAndrus
Feb 17, 2003 5:31 AM
I had a pair of OPs with Record hubs built for me by Excel. I think in general they are excellent performing wheels and I'm sure I'll be using the front one for years. The rear is another story.

I oiled everything that could be oiled (weld spots and eyelets). I glued everything that could be glued, retensioned within my amateur capabilities, taped down (inside the rim) each eyelet individually, and still the click-click-click.

Finally, I threw in the towel and am replacing the rim on the rear wheel.

I'm not real thrilled that a company like Mavic can have such a production problem and expect us, the consumers, to just deal with it ourselves.
re: Velocity Aerohead vs. Mavic Open Promcteague
Feb 18, 2003 10:30 AM
Check Joe Young's site
He uses Velocity rims as well. I guess when he uses them he gives a shorter warranty.

nopeWoof the dog
Feb 16, 2003 4:01 PM
I believe velomax stopped using Velocity rims for over a year ago. Check your sources

woof the dog.
Feb 17, 2003 8:16 AM
Down boy, check Velocity's updated web site:
they list Velomax under dealers who build with their rims. The new OC rim Velomax uses looks exactly the same as the new Velocity Aerohead. Perhaps it is out of date and they are using an identical rim sourced from somewhere else. This is the first thread I recall seeing that bad mouthed Velocity rims.

As to the other poster's comment that Mike Garcia and Dave Thomas build "one season" wheels, well that's news to me too and I did quite a search looking for wheelbuilders a while back and both had great reputations. If you want more reliable wheels they will do those as well.

Tim McTeague
(real name,no cute, nerdy inter-nicknmame)
nopeWoof the dog
Feb 17, 2003 10:24 AM
Its always funny how they take pride in posting under what they call "real" name. Does this somehow make their message more legitimate? For me, I always look at the value of the message itself rather than the initials under it. Besides, why give away your real name?


Woof the dog.
Feb 17, 2003 11:03 AM
Pride is not a factor. While I have not noticed any rancor in your posts it seems the posts that flame the most never seem signed by a real name. Of course you never know if the name is even real. I wonder how many posts trashing one brand or the other are actually made by said product's competition. Bark on.

Feb 17, 2003 8:58 PM
I think nerds are the guys who worry about the handles of others on an internet chatroom. LOL :-)
Feb 18, 2003 10:28 AM
This is a web discussion site, not a chat room. Cripes, you anonymous types get pretty defensive. Don't get me started on the cute eomoticons. When will this snow clear up so I can ride instead of doing this sort of thing. Sigh...

Chatroom?Woof the dog
Feb 18, 2003 8:29 PM
Tim, by replying to these sorts of things, you are digging your own hole. Plus, you started it too.

Ride on

Woof the dog
I have thousands of miles on Aeroheads..Dave Hickey
Feb 16, 2003 1:20 PM
I have two wheelsets built using Velocity Aeroheads. One is Dura Ace 28 hole and the other is Dura Ace track 32 hole. Both sets of rims have been rebuilt with different hubs about 500 miles ago. They are as true and round as the day I bought them. I have thousands of miles on each and I've experienced NO problems with the rims. IMHO, they're great rims.
I have thousands of miles on Aeroheads..Woof the dog
Feb 16, 2003 4:03 PM
We are not talking about personal experience with these, but how do they hold up in general out there... under many riders. You may have logged in thousands of miles on smooth roads. Of course they would stay true.


woof the dog.
Not to metion that a single speed wheel has much less dish thanAmbishawn
Feb 16, 2003 4:13 PM
a wheel with a 10 cog cassette.
Not to metion that a single speed wheel has much less dish thanAmbishawn
Feb 16, 2003 5:24 PM
a wheel with a 10 cog cassette.
re: Velocity Aerohead vs. Mavic Open ProAndy M-S
Feb 16, 2003 4:42 PM
I have about 1,000 miles on a pair, and they've been just fine. FWIW, they're the cheapies that Supergo had a while back, with 14g spokes and Real hubs. They work like wheels are supposed to work. I don't yet know if they'll hold up as well as my Sun ME14A rims, but only time will tell...