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mavic t221 rims?(1 post)

mavic t221 rims?keeshadog
Feb 13, 2003 8:05 PM
i'm going to take a wheelbuilding class from a local wheelbuilder and build my first set of wheels. i'm in the process of buying rims and hubs, etc...
i'm looking at a set of mavic t221 rims, with 36 holes. anyone have any experience with them? they are supposed to be for touring and cyclocross. i'll be using them for road riding, commuting and some trail riding on a cyclocross frame. i have a pair of fat continental avenues, 40's, and a set of conti city grips, 37's, i'll use with them. i'm over 200 lbs and dont mind the weight of sturdier stuff, cause i'm not racing with it.
any thoughts?